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MDBDATA folder full on newly created exchange 2003 server

I have been trying to debug an issue with a newly installed Exchange 2003 server over the last couple of days.  The server hasn't been sending or delivering mail to the mailboxes on the box.  but just today noticed that in two days the MDBDATA folder has filled up and the hard drives are now full on the new exchange server.  I was thinking this might shed some light on where I might find the problem on why the server is not delivering or sending mail.
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also note that only 1 MX record has been moved over the newly created server and 1 mailbox.  Looks like most of the log file contains spam generated email with the domain name of the MX record that has been moved over.
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Humm so seems your getting spammed ...'s-computer-is-spaming-email-in-the-organization-using-an-email-address-other-name-company-email-address.html
If you don't need authenticated relaying then disable it. You should also have recipient filtering turned on along with the tarpit. Restart the SMTP server service afterwards.

- Rancy
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I've put on the fitering but the server is filling up as fast as it can with spam, it's like the data is coming into the MDBDATA folder but not being processed.  Is there a way to check?
Preferably restart the server

- Rancy
It doesn't seem to have changed any, it's like the MDBDATA folder is filling up and nothing happening except filling up.  I did look in the event viewer and it looks like their is email trying to be sent out to bogus email domains and even some headed for but there is only 1 mailbox on that new server. Which is a new mailbox that hasn't been compromised.  

I'll reboot again.
and most of the event viewer messages are probably related to that folder filling up
If its one mailbox you can dismount and mount with blank .... if your getting this into Production better plan for a firewall or some gateway server to have rest from SPAM

- Rancy
If I could just figure out why this server isn't delivering email, then things would be better.  Still stumped here.
When you say isnt delivering email what do you mean ?

Look hope you did input both the Sender and Recipient filtering

- Rancy
When I send mail to the server from say from my hotmail account to the 1 mailbox (testing purposes) on the new exchange 2003 server, I never get the email.  Also if I try to send say from that mailbox to (reversed) I get Thunderbird telling me that it is unable to relay.  I know that mail is coming in and just cleared out the MDBDATA queue by enabling circular logging and rebooting the server to clear that out.  But still no go on why the server isn't sending the mail.  

when you say "look hope you did input both the sender and recipent filtering" I did.

I did check "Filter recipients who are not in the directory" for recipient filtering and I also already had "Filter messages with blank sender" already checked.

Then under the "SMTP Virtual Server" properties > General > Advanced
I have both "Apply Sender Filter" and "Apply Recipient Filter" checked.
Hope you havent enabled Relay options under SMTP

- Rancy
When you say "enabled relay options under SMTP" my settings for the following are pictured below...

Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties > Access > Relay
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How are both internal servers connected and are they both in the same AG in ESM ?

- Rancy
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