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VMware ESXi 5.1 View 5.1.2 with Windows 8 Pro VM ...

Hi Experts,

I have just started to upgrade our virtual environment to run with VMWare View 5.1.2 and i keep having problems with Windows 8.

Every time i connect, i cann connect successful, for when the VM starts to load i get a black screen and after 10 seconds i get an error message saying:

" the connection to the remote computer ended "

Now i happened to be watching the vSphere Client while this was happening, and i can see that view is connecting, logging in and taking me to the desktop of the VM. But then the connection is cut.

I have checked the ports for TCP/UDP are open. I have even tried turning the secure gateway off to see if that would make a difference but it didnt.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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have updated all of the view components you know view client etc
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Trevor Mifsud

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I had a similar problem accessing my Windows 8 VM on my ESXi5.1 server. While I'm not using VMware view I found I had to install all of the latest ESXi5.1 updates in order to correct the problem...

Good Luck....
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Hi Comppdigi44,

By any chance do you know what update that was, i downloaded the latest ISO from VMware, but then again it may not have had the latest updates, i know its ESXi 5.1.

As of 12/20, Vmware released 5.1.0(b) which has a build number of: 799733

Happy New Year!!!
Hi Comppdigi44,

Yeah my build is definately before that, mine is 5.1 build (a) from memory.

Can i run just a simple upgrade over the top or rebuild the whole VM Server again to be safe ?

Happy new year right back at ya :)

You can run an inplace upgrade with out a problem. Before doing so, if you are using Update Manager see if Update Manager pulled this updated from Vmware. If so, you could push the update via Update Manager...

Just a thought..