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VPN server messed up configuration when tune up utilities 2013 completed its tasks

Windows 7 shares  accessed via asus vpn router rt-n16 work flawlessly with remote clients able to connect seamlessly and fast.but, upon recommendation by exchange expert, i installed and  launched tune up utilities 2013. all of a sudden every remote client can not connect to the vpn with error 807.

how could i reverse what the utility did or simply how  could i resolve this big problem and put clients back to their vpn connection?
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Can you restore that Windows 7 system back to a point before using Tune Up Utilities?
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i did uninstall it already. no difference. even if i restore it prior to tune up utilities wrecking havoc, the same does not behave to reverse the system tasks it did.
windows 7 vpn client pops up 807 error and vista - 800.
what probabilities exist as to what particular configurations it has changed in windows 7 and vpn server enough to destroy it?
from the client i could not ping the vpn server wan gateway ip address. of course from clients connected locally i can.
"the same does not behave to reverse the system tasks it did"

Why wouldn't system restore reverse the system tasks you did?    Uninstalling won't necessarily reverse things.   Why not try system restore?  Are there other applications installed or configurations done since the Tune Up Utility issue?
don't have any better idea. i already uninstalled the utility. it does not reverse. it does not change the current configuration of  the system except to place back what was removed. i don't know if you know what you're suggesting. are you an expert on this issue? have you used the utility?
I wouldn't have used that utility in the first place.   I manually tune my systems.   For those that are not comfortable doing tune-ups on their own, there are a bunch of applications out there to help them out.   Some good, some bad (as you've discovered).

System Restore was designed for this type of problem.  Obviously you don't like the feature, so don't use it.   I've been troubleshooting and configuring software and VPNs for about 20 years.   Back when System Restore first came out, it didn't work so well, but in the last 10 years i've seen it solve issues like this.    

Good luck.
i like this latest answer of yours. so you know what you're talking about. vpn's for 20 years. that is amazing. there's one thing i wish you would help me. what utility do you use to monitor traffic on both ends. multiple ends for clients: at least 3 and on windows 7 shared folder at one end. i want to see to see the vpn system negotiation events as soon as connection is established. could you help me with this?
do you still want to address this issue or not? you said you've 20 years of vpn experience. show me please....
please let us close this together.still willing to to forward with this issue? whatever  thank you.
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i did the resetting and reconfiguration!!!