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Exchange 2003 Database defragmentation


We have Exchange 2003 environment, previously we have a single DB which was having 900 GB without any mailbox quota. After that I have created additional two storage group with 6 DB ( 3DB / storage group).

I have moved & spread accross all the usesr mailboxes from orginal DB to new DB, only left is

Microsoft Exchange site replication service (No option for movement)
ststem attendent ( (No option for movement)

besadmin ( having option to movemnet).

My queries are below,
1. Sahll I move besadmin to another DB , is it effect on User BB access?
2. Shall I delete the orginal DB or defragment the DB , in that case is it effect the mail service during the Defragment process.

Please suggest.
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Thanks Rancy for your quick response.

System attendent & Microsoft Exchange site replication service , I have not found any option to move the mailbox, but those are showing in mailbox column. that is whay I worried if I move the DB & mount old DB , will it be this two Service account come back.

For BB I got the answer.
In my career i havent seen any MSSRS mailbox so not sure as it is a very old data your referring to somewhere from Exchange 5.5 i guess :(

Yes if you dismount the DB and move the physical files and mount with Blank all would remain as it is and start working :)

If still any doubts do let me know :)

- Rancy
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attached file for your reference
As i said Dismount the DB move the Physical .edb and .stm files to another location or simply rename the Folder and mount blank and it should work.

or other way is to move the SA mailbox but that again needs recycle of SA service meaning IS service would restart meaning all DB's will go down

- Rancy