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excel error

attached error on excel 2010
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Excel thinks your worksheet iss too large. I.E in Excel 2003 the maximum book size was

1-65536 rows, A - ZZ columns

try selecting all the columns that are unneeded, all the way to ZZ and deleting them

then try your insert operation again.
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it is excel 2010
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Darren S

first, go select the entire column to the right of your last column of data, hold "shift" + "end" and press the right direction key.  This will select all blank rows to the right of your data, right click on one of the columns and hit delete.  Do the same for the row after your last peice of data but press the down direction key.  This should do it
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I am able to delete the row but cannot “ INSERT” the row again same error . only for one particular file
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if it is xlsx,then
Can I just confirm that you deleted all columns after your data until column 'XFD'

and all rows after your data until row number '1048576'?
you may want to upload your file?
or could you copy all of the cells that contain your data into a new excel workbook.  See if you can then insert your column.