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Extract 3 grids to excel in format

Hello all

I have these 3 grids where i would like to extract the data to excel following this process.

In column 0 you have the door letter.

In column 1 from each grid have order groups that link to the door, the P Carrier that link to the door and the Carrier that link to the door.

I would like to extract to excel based on the door letter.

How can i do that?

Name of grids:

Grid look like:
User generated image

Excel extract result would be like:
 User generated image
Thanks again for your help
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If this is impossible, is it possible to extract the 3 grid in the same excel file but in different spreadsheet?

The sheet could be named by the MSHFlexgrid name.

Thanks again for your help
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Where is your problem: In getting the data from flexgrid or in organizing it in excel?

My problem is to organize in Excel and also transferring the data in excel the right way.

Is that possible to do?

How can i do that?

Thanks a lot for your help.

2 questions:
Is every door ever to be there(are all the doors in every flexgrid)?
Is your data already sorted?


Question 1:
All doors are in every MSHFlexgrid.

Question 2:
Yes all MSHFlexgrid are sorted on column 0 (Door column value)

Should i had a 4th grid with all door name only?

Thanks again
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Hi Rgonzo1971

I'm seeing this being a excel macro but i would like to do this in VB6

Since i do like the excel macro, here's the point and i will re open a new topic.