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Datagridview row order numbering

Software: VB-Net & SQL Server 2005

I have a databound grid with a special column that maintains row numerical order. When inserting text into a new blank grid the column numbers start with 0 - how can I change the code so the column starts with 1?

I don't know if this can be answered without the code....

Thanks for your help!
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Meir Rivkin
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is this column has auto incremental id?
do you set the row numerical order value by yourself?
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sedgwick, thanks for your response:

1. Yes, the column has auto incremental id.

2. The row numerical order is set by code.

The column is auto numbered when the grid is first opened:

Should be:

When a blank grid is opened, there is no number in the column. When a row is added by user,  the first column number is 0.
 When I insert/delete a row the number changes to 1. This change shifts the order of the rows one time. After that the column numbering works fine.
If the column number was 1 when first row was added. Everything would work great.
simply add 1 to the row number order from the code
can u post the code of row adding?
you can use dataGridView_RowsAdded event handler to modify the numerical value of the column once new row is added.
I tried this code with no luck:
Private Sub TblBasicUpgradesDetailDataGridView_RowsAdded(ByVal sender As Object, _
            ByVal e As DataGridViewRowsAddedEventArgs) _
            Handles TblBasicUpgradesDetailDataGridView.RowsAdded

        Dim messageBoxVB As New System.Text.StringBuilder()
        messageBoxVB.AppendFormat("{0} = {1}", "sysAppOrder", e.RowIndex)

    End Sub

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Other related code:
Private Sub TblBasicUpgradesDetailDataGridView_UserAddedRow(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewRowEventArgs) Handles TblBasicUpgradesDetailDataGridView.UserAddedRow
        ResetOrdering(e.Row.Index - 1)

    End Sub

    Private Sub ResetOrdering(ByVal rowIndex As Integer, Optional ByVal forceReorder As Boolean = False)
        'Set the sort order column.  Once again, not relying on column order but use name
        Dim rowCount As Integer
        Dim rowLocation As Integer
        rowCount = TblBasicUpgradesDetailDataGridView.RowCount - 1
        rowLocation = rowIndex
        If (rowCount - 1 > rowLocation) Then
            Dim BasicUpgradesKey As String = BasicUpgradesKeyTextBox.Text
            Dim idx As Integer
            ' Create a view with the proper order
            Dim dataView As New DataView(MpSQLDataSet.Tables("TblBasicUpgradesDetail"), "", "", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)
            dataView.RowFilter = " BasicUpgradesKey = " + BasicUpgradesKey
            dataView.Sort = "sysAppOrder"
            ' if we work off the view, it will constantly re-sort.  So copy the data into a new table
            Dim tempTable As DataTable
            tempTable = MpSQLDataSet.Tables("TblBasicUpgradesDetail").Clone()
            For idx = 0 To dataView.Count - 1
                Console.WriteLine(String.Format("{0} {1} {2}", dataView(idx)("sysAppOrder").ToString(), _
                                                 dataView(idx)("Description"), idx + 1))
            ' Loop through the new table and sort it correctly
            idx = 1
            For Each row As DataRow In tempTable.Rows
                row("sysAppOrder") = idx
                idx += 1
            ' Update the primary table
            dataView.Sort = String.Empty
            For Each row As DataRow In tempTable.Rows
                dataView.RowFilter = String.Format("BasicUpgradesDetailKey = {0}", row("BasicUpgradesDetailKey"))
                dataView(0)("sysAppOrder") = row("sysAppOrder")
            Dim cell As DataGridViewCell
            cell = TblBasicUpgradesDetailDataGridView("DataGridViewTextBoxColumn15", rowIndex) '"sysAppOrder"
            cell.Value = rowLocation
        End If
    End Sub

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why not changing the table schema to have another field set as auto increment which starts with 1?
the grid columns are automatically generated in the control to match the schema information provided by the data source.
in case you already have one you may use it or add new field as suggested.
>why not changing the table schema to have another field set as auto increment which starts with 1?

Can you give me an example of this... I am only a copy and paste developer
U need to change the table schema in the database.
Get in the sql management that u use to create the tables and add the field to the desired table.
You need to rebind the datagrid with the table.
I'm afraid that will cause many other problems. I have a lot of code that is using the existing column as an indexing column
so add new field for backward compatibility no sweat
its easier faster and no code mess
I don't understand how to do your last comment so I am going to try a sql query to change the numbering from 0 to 1
assume u have that now ids are from 1 not 0
once u commit after adding row for instance you will overwtite your ordering in your db table
i can post sql query which add field like that if u want
Thanks, I would appreciate you posting the sql query
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Meir Rivkin
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