Why is form disabled?

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I have a form just below the second paragraph here  http://bit.ly/UqZlTJ.  For some reason, the input box isn't getting focus or allowing any input.  Anyone have some idea what is wrong?
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You can tab into it and edit it normally.

It seems to be this line causing the problem:

<p><br style="clear:both;"/></p>

Replacing that with a simple <br/> works fine.
remove line 81

.post_content p{margin-top:32px;position:relative;}
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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You have a number of tags out of order also.  The W3C Validator gave up at line 120 saying it couldn't go any further because of the </a> is nested improperly.


Not sure why clear:both was causing that issue.  Thanks.


I'm using Thesis.  Not much I can do about validator issues.

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