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I can Ping but cant browse


Strange problem with SBS 2011... I can ping the server and connect via RDC, but the server cant access the internet. if i ping it resolves, and pinging external addresses works fine too so it looks like DNS is resolving correctly.

Any Ideas?


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Just some clarification, are you saying you can ping from SBS2011?  

Do you have a firewall on the network or running on SBS?  It may be blocking port 80 which is web traffic.  Try turning off the firewall on SBS first and see if you can surf.

Also, assuming you are using Internet Explorer to browse, if you don't use a proxy, make sure that the proxy server is not specified in Internet Options.  That option is under Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings.  Also make sure that Automatically detect settings is unchecked.

You might also have Internet Explorer Enhanced Security activated so you might also try turning that off and try to browse.

Lastly, there is another setting in Internet Options for Protected Mode under the Security tab.  If that is on, try turning it off.
are you able to test alternate browsers? can you browse to a website running on something else other than port 80.


can you get to that address thats mine
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Yep, ping resolves from CMD on my SBS2011 box.

I'm using firefox and IE doesn't work either. The firewall on the router is just 'standard' there have never been any modifications to it other than allowing ports through for the VOIP system.

Google either through HTTPS or HTTP doesn't work so it's at least 443 and 80 that are shut. However, i can access the server remotely through HTTP so port 80 is at least redirecting on the router.


can you telnet to a webserver on port 80?
By default, Internet Explorer on Windows servers is locked down very tight, and is a real pain to use because of it.

Try installing Firefox and see if that works OK. If it does, you know that the problem is with IE.
Ok on your workstation, is your primary DNS pointing to the SBS server or the router?  Is your secondary DNS pointing to either?  Can your workstation surf just fine?

Also, do you use DNS forwarding on the SBS server?
if his dns was a problem he wouldnt be able to resolve dns hostnames.

please test a telnet connection on port 80 it will then rule out some possibilities
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The incoming services are not related to the outgoing ones. Even the port forwarding should not be relevant. But somehow I've got the feeling it is. Can you switch off the port forwarding temporarily?
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If I may ask,, does your SMS have 1 or 2 NIC cards? can you verify the correct interface is routed correctly by doing a ROUTE PRINT from the command prompt? also when you do a TRACERT where does it end before your browser returns page not found?
If your SBS 2011 server has two NIC cards, then disable one of them. The dual-NIC configuration was dropped in SBS 2008 onwards, and you will have no end of problems if you attempt to use two NICs because SBS doesn't work that way any more.
There is a second NIC but it is disabled.
By any chance did you take a look at the ROUTE PRINT and verify the respective NIC CARD has the correct GATEWAY IP ADRRESS?
this can also be verifed in the TRACERT command
try a  TRACERT to a well known outside IP ADDRESS see the packets destined for the GATEWAY is actualy routed to the GATEWAY or if there is a VIRTUAL ETHERNET ADPATER in the picture somewhere. you may need to reset your winsock (netsh int ip reset) from the command prompt.
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Turns out the issue was with BT having issues on a particular exchange with port 80 traffic... eh?! Oh well, it works now. Actually it isn't the first time i've had problems with them doing silly things like that.