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I've run into a big problem with a very large Exchange Database on NTFS drive

My Exchange 2010 SP2 stores are very big. 1.4tb, 1.3, 1.7tb and have run into this problem.

Information Store (8580) DBNAme: An attempt to write to the file "F:\Data\DBName.EDB" at offset 315530739712 (0x0000004977190000) for 32768 (0x00008000) bytes failed after 0 seconds with system error 665 (0x00000299): "The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation ".  The write operation will fail with error -1022 (0xfffffc02).  If this error persists then the file may be damaged and may need to be restored from a previous backup. 

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can stop the file from corrupting? (It's already happened to the 1.4tb database).

I could move the file away from the drive and back again but to copy a 1.3tb file is estimated at least a day in each direction.  Any ideas?

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Tony Giangreco
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I would do whatever is possible to reduce the size of that mailstore. it sounds like you have hit a limitation or the server just can't handle the load of it and you are receiving this error for some other reason that isn't apparent.

Possibly move some of the mailboxes into another storage group to reduce the sg size. You also might want to look at a Very Good 3rd party manual defrag and cleanup utility.
Make sure you take a full backup first.
Is this on a physical or virtual machine?
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This Xmas I'm moving loads of mailboxes out of the store and hoping the online defrag reduces the edb size. It's a physical server thanks.
Sounds like a good plan. Let us know what happens.
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Neil Russell
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It's not the disk space so much but the fragmented huge file reaching the ntfs limit.
And both of those issues are addressed by moving mailboxes to a fresh database on a fresh drive. You cure all ills in one.
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I'll go with this thanks.
Personaly, I might add, I would go for splitting this single database down to 2 if possible. Do you have enterprise license?
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No it's Std which is a constaint. I have another box now running the mailbox service so will flip users back and forth.
Before doing anything, look at your servers and find one drive that's quck, has at least enough free space as two times your mailstore size, then perform an off-line defrag there. It sounds like it will take a while based on your mail store size. We did this on a smaller mail store a few months ago. It was only 60 gig, but it took about 10 hours because it was highy fragmented.

Hope this helps!!!
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Not really a solution to my immediate problem but I know damned good advice when I read it.

With exchange 2010 you should never need to do an offline defrag. Your taking your whole exchange database offline for 10+ hours at a time when all you need to do is move all users to a new/other database and then delete the old one.  No downtime, no user interuption, no risk of corruption.

Much much safer and simpler.