Can external USB drive be used on Macbook Pro

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I'm getting Macbook Pro (likely the Retina model) :
seems like the Retina model does not have a built-in
DVD drive (while the non-retina model has a built-in
DVD drive).

I have a couple of THinkpad USB DVD drive (for X61
THinkpads) : can these be used /detected by Macbook
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Yes, most external USB drives can be used on a Mac

Here is an example
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If formatted as FAT32 not if NTFS - by default it is likely to be FAT32
Yes, some externals are formatted for windows specific machines, but using disk utility, you can format them properly (in most cases). I personally use an external drive attached to my iMac to store Media so I don't take up all the space on the HDD.
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Think I did not clarify : I meant external USB DVDROM drives,
not USB HDD or USB thumb drive.

I plan to use my Thinkpad X61's external DVD writer drive
on a Macbook Pro.

Btw, does the older model (non retina) model of Macbook
Pro comes with a built-in DVD drive ?  Or is it called the
Optical drive?


I think Apple's equivalent is called USB SuperDrive
but in Windows world, I called it DVD drive.  Are they
using the same media (ie DVD ) ?
I think there is no way of knowing if your existing drives will work without trying them. If not, you can buy a Mac compatible external fairly cheaply.
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Yes - supported in MacOS see Software/System Requirements in the link here.  You may need to use the external power unit though.
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