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Create Invoice in Crystal Report using

I am having a problem with showing crystal report
I am getting records like following
PurchaseOrderNumber   MaterialName   Rate   Quantity
             0001                     ABC                  10        100
             0001                     PQR                  20        4300
             0001                     XYZ                   30        450

When I am trying to display it on Crystal Report it shows me,
single record on one Page means

             0001                     ABC                  10        100

2nd record on another Page

             0001                     PQR                  20        4300

3rd record on third Page
             0001                     XYZ                   30        450

I want to display it on the same page. How to do it.
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Check the properties of the groups on  the report.  You probably have something like 'start new page' selected for each record/group.
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Mike McCracken

Where did yoi put the fields?

Did you put them in the page header rather than the details?

How is you report designed?
Do you have a group on the invoice?

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Check this attached Report
I have added it in Details section. And also checked my query which returns 3 rows

Manoj Baburao Patil      Jayamala Nagar, Sangvi      TIN777      00001      Jul 29 2012 12:00AM      asdasd      7/29/2012 3:25:00 AM      asdasd      13      12      156      NULL      6

Manoj Baburao Patil      Jayamala Nagar, Sangvi      TIN777      00001      Jul 29 2012 12:00AM      asdasd      7/29/2012 3:25:00 AM      saddgdfg      12      13      156      NULL      23

Manoj Baburao Patil      Jayamala Nagar, Sangvi      TIN777      00001      Jul 29 2012 12:00AM      afasd      7/29/2012 3:25:00 AM      NULL      10      5      50      NULL      15

The problem is you made the detail section so large.  The entire detail section is printed for each record.

The attached report is probably closer to what you want


All you need to do is go to the Section expert, then go to Paging Tab. Select the detail section and then uncheck the "New Page after". Then click OK. Just like on the print screen in my attachment.

Please let me know if anything.

Thanks for reply,
I am getting something more than what I want. Check the output
The Vendor details are displaying with the number of records.
User generated imageGet the updated Crystal Report file
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Mike McCracken

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Really Thanks for your efforts.
You have save my time.
Thanks again.