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Dell PowerEdge 1800 won't boot

Dell PowerEdge 1800 (tower), non-redundant power supply. System will not boot, no post or bios messages, fan on the motherboard does not come on. However the fan in the power supply does come on. The power indicator light on the front blinks which indicates that power is available to the system but the system is not powered on. I took the power supply out and did the paper clip test and the fan in it does come on so I am thinking this is not a power supply issue.

I have unplugged everything from the back, re-seated the memory, the system is not overheated. Any other suggestions?
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Will try that, thanks.
What about trying with no RAM installed ? any sounds ? any troubleshooting lights ?
What about MOBO battery ?
If you still get nothing after removing peripherals, RAM, etc. I am afraid your MOBO is dead, you need to replace it.
you can use the minimum setup as described in my article, for troubleshooting :                  (Short-overview-of-how-to-troubleshoot-bad-hardware-when-a-pc-does-not-post)

in case the disk have problems, use this guide :
I removed all components, no lights, no sounds, nothing so I replaced the motherboard, that was the issue.
as my troubleshooting guide has guide you to
pleas don't forget to close this Q
Any one of three posts could have led him down the proper path ... we need to let the OP close his question by choosing the response(s) he felt best helped him confirm what he came here already thinking - that his motherboard was dead.
I'm fine with OP closing this, I (she) just gave it to the first response.
OP = Original Poster ... that's you :)  The question has yet to be closed, so go ahead and select one of the responses as the Accepted Solution and choose Assisted Solutions as necessary.

(Sorry about the he/she thing ... didn't know :))