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SBS 2003 Exchange 2003 SP 2 install kb 911829

I have a really wierd problem.  Some users are not able to log onto SBS 2003 OWA.  I installed SP2 on the SBS 2003 along with KB 911829 to fix the Red x issue.  

Now some users are getting incorrect user name and passowrd, but some users can logon.  I can logon without issue and tested another user and they can login.  

Another user that gave me his user name and password tried it, and I got user name and password error.  I tried a test user and I get the same thing the user and passowrd error

Thanks much for the help in advance.

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Alan Hardisty
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Try changing the password to the password you have been given for the account you are testing (force change it to the same password) and then testing it again to make sure that the password you are trying is the correct one and is correct on the server.

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I tried that and it worked for one account, but then I tried it on another account and it did not work.  

The accounts that I am using are disabled accounts that I do not know the password to.  So, I enable the accounts and change the password it does not work.  Then try to change it the same password and it still does not work.

I also chaned the asp page so that it only requies a user name not domain\username.  I can logon with just the user name and so can the other user.  I am flushing IE each time to make sure nothing is cahced.

When I try to put the whole authentication string in it still does not work  domain\username

Okay - can you re-run the Connect To The Internet Wizard please.

Start> Server Management> To Do List> Connect To The Internet Wizard.

Run through the wizard and make no changes when running the wizard (select Do Not Change) where possible and then try the accounts again.

I get an error when I run connection to the internet.  I enclosed the error.  I click ok and the wizard closes
What was the error?
The error is in the capture.png from the above post

but it goes like this an error occurred while configuring a component.  To continue with the wizard and configure remaining components click ok. To end the wizard with out configuring the remaining components, click cancel.

I clicked ok and the error box went away and there was an x on internet email.  I can still connect but my test user ca not.
Okay - please re-run the wizard and see if it completes happily.

If not, please post the icwlog.txt file from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Support
I tried it and got the error again.  The log is attached

Thanks for looking at this

Okay - it looks like the Administrator account doesn't have a mailbox.  Can you please create one for the account and then re-run the wizard.

To create one, right-click the Administrator account in Active Directory Users and Computers and choose Exchange Tasks> Create Mailbox.

You are welcome.


Created the Admin mail account and the wizard finished I put a check in the outlook web feature beacuse it was not checked.  My test account got acces to the mail tried another disabled user with the same proceudre and they can not get in.

This very weird

Is Web Access enabled for the disabled (now enabled) user?
Outlook Web Access is enable for the user - AD Exchange Features
Okay - can the same user logon to a domain PC happily?
I beleive they can.  On my test user I am able to logon to and they can get authenciated through the web.  But when they try to go the OWA link they  get this display.

The email said:

This is an issue James had starting on Wednesday or Thursday this week, now happening to me as of yesterday afternoon.  I can get to the Outlook login screen ,but the system is not accepting my ID and password in order to access my email from home.  I’m using my work laptop so it isn’t even like I’m using a different computer than I always have.
What do you get if you try to login to
I get a page not found but since this is SBS2003

https:// and that brings up the outlook web access.

Okay - I just tried and got:

Please try the following:

Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.
HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

That says you have IP restrictions set on the OWA virtual directory in IIS.  Please remove the restrictions so that you don't deny everyone by default, then run iisreset and test again.

Open up IIS manager and expand the Default Website until you see the OWA directory.  Right-click it and choose Properties.  On the Directory Security tab click the middle Edit button. Change the IP restrictions.
Sorry - OWA is Exchange 2007 or 2010!

How many servers do you have and how many Domain Controllers?  Just SBS?

Getting late for me (UK based), so I'll pick this up again tomorrow.

What is the internal domain name (how many characters)?
One Domain Controller and it is just the SbS 2003 Domain name hosannachurch.local
Thanks for your help!  We will pick up tomrrow

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Alan Hardisty
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Good Morning,

I will check. There are a few updates that can be done on the Exchange side
I applied 18 updates and the issue seems to be fixed.  I logged into serveral disabled accounts and I got in no issues through OWA.

The updates did the trick.  


thanks for the mega help!

Have a great Christmas day!

Excellent news - was running out of things to suggest there!

Have a great Christmas too, especially now you have one less thing to worry about.