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esxi check on raid array

how do i check on the status of the raid array when using the free version of esxi?  if i use the hp embedded version for example, will that show me the status of the raid array?
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you cannot see the raid array inside of esx free or not just the datastore
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To check the raid array I would reboot the server when it is not needed and check the status in the RAID setup while the server is booting.  Each server has a different RAID controller so the interfaces will be different.  But all of them should tell you whether the array is degraded or good to go.  Hope this helps.
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You can check the status of the array from the BIOS, so it doesn't matter what O/S you are running.
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i remember seeing the individual hard drive health inside of esxi, has that changed?
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install the HP version of ESXi from the HP website or VMware, often called the OEM version.

HP have not made the status available of the RAID array as yet, but this could have changed.

so if you are looking to see health of the array check Health Status, this will show if its broken, but not give you a rebuild figure, for that you will need to boot server post bios or Array Utils from smartstart cdrom.
you can only see it during raid config function whatever when the server boots