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Citrix:Unable to launch Published Desktop

We have a Metaframe Presentation Farm 4.o farm. Our present farm has a few servers running on Win2003. One of the server is running as Data Store+License Server+Data Collector. Recently we restarted that server.

Now users are complaining that they are not been able to launch one Published desktop application.
Lets say, the desktop is of a server B. When I am trying to log on to that ServerB through Remote Desktop, I can log in there. This same a Desktop is load balanced with Server C and D. I can remotely log on to all the three servers.
I tried to restart IMA on all the three servers, they are restarting fine without any problem. When I am trying to log to remote desktop of Data Store+Data Collector+License Server, I am able to log in. After log in the server I get a warning that It Cant find Windows 2003 License Server and it has exceeded its grace period.

Can you please help me ?
Suppose there is some problem in Data Store+DataCollector_License Server, does it effect in launching published desktop which is from different servers (Server B, C and D) ?

For your information,
there are several other remote desktop published and they are working fine. There are several applications are published and they are too launching fine.
I tried to create an ICA file for that remote desktop which having problem and that too are not launching. BTW there are few users are already logged to that prior to this issue began. I tried to test the Qfarm /load and its showing only 100, 300 and 300 respectively.
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Each Citrix server must communicate with the License server at least once every 30 days.  It seems as if the one Citrix server has been running on the 30-day grace period and has now exceeded that timeframe; thus, it's not providing you with a license.

To check, look at the event logs on the troublesome server.  You should see when the warnings started.  I'm fairly certain it was 30+ days ago.  

If you've just crossed over to Day 31, you may have users that initiated a session prior to the 30-day expiration.  In addition, administrators can always access via the two admin licenses that are allocated, which explains why you can access but your users can't.

You don't say which version of the License server you are using.  If it is a version that accesses via port 7279 by default, try telnetting to that port.  

It sounds like the issue is isolated to one server not communicating with the License server.  Restart the Citrix Licensing service as a first step.  If that doesn't fix it, you may need to reboot the server.
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No, I checked up and License server is running ok. I still restarted License server service and its running ok.
One more thing that I noticed, I, out of three server in load balanced, restarted one of the server and after that I removed two other servers and then it started launching. What does that mean?
Also check is there any teminal server related error message at event viewer?
That could mean that you've got some issues with the data store and/or communications with it.  Just to be sure, run a dscheck after hours.

Also, take a look at your load evaluator config.  That wouldn't explain the licensing error, but it may provide some clues as to why restarting/removing the servers positively impacted the issue.
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