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Dell server won't wake up my monitor when plugged into the front

I have a nice new Dell R720 in the rack.  When I plug the monitor into the front, the server is not waking up the monitor.  The monitor is reporting no signal.

The monitor tests good on a PC.

I do not want to reboot the server as it hosts several VMs.

Is there a way to wake the monitor w/out rebooting the server?


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It may be possible to disable the front port (or both altogether) ... have you tried the video port on the rear of the machine?
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I can't RDP in...I get the black screen, hence I'm using the monitor.  I'll try the rear port.
Can you ping it?  Perhaps the server is locked up ... no network, no video, etc.
If you can't rdp, ping or login and vet video from any port, then a cold shutdown and reboot are the only options.

I've seen this before on an older 2003 server.  We contacted Dell and ran diags, butnothing was conslusive.

Your serevr should not be going to sleep. I would check all power and display settings after you get it up again. Check the logs and look for something logged that you can trace back.
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The server is up.  All of the VMs on it are running and it's issuing IPs and resolving IP and host names.  I could RDP in this AM, only once, but now I get the black screen when I log in.  

I just didn't want to reboot and take my VMs down.

guess I will...
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