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Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008 Transition to Exchange 2013 on server 2012

Hey guys,

We are moving from SBS 2008 to server 2012. We have set up 3 server 2012 boxes, DC, exchange 2013, and sharepoint 2012. We want to transition completely off of exchange 2007 in one shot, and as we only have around 30 mailboxes, i think it is possible, time wise. I havent really seen anything definitive on the exchange 2007 to 2013 move, so any help would be appreciated.

I have already updated 2007 to sp3 ru8, and have also install 2013 on the new 2012 box.

thanks guys.
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Best in normal circumstance would be to do a PST move over

You can give a try to move with data or without and check .... dont think there is any doc for migration as of yet

- Rancy
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You cannot move to Exchange 2013 without PST unless you wait for the next SP for Exchange 2007 which will allow coexistance and enable Server 2012.

Once done, you should be allowed to move the mailboxes.
Are you doing a migration or building a new domain?

If you're building a new domain, then you can export the mailboxes (and good luck by the way - I've built a domain from scratch for a network for 15 users instead of doing a migration and that took a week to fully clean up.  And they weren't complex, but the profile issues alone sucked up a great deal of time.  Moral - DO A MIGRATION!  Even if that means you have to start over.)

But, if you are doing a migration, you should know that you can't.  Not yet.  Exchange 2013 is not yet compatible with 2007 or 2010.  Patches aren't expected until the first half of next year (some suggest Q1, but I'd guess if Q1, you're looking at late March).  So you might just have to wait.

And it is not best in my opinion to export to PST - Migrate the mailboxes if the exchange servers are on the same domain - once they can be on the same domain.
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We are staying with the current domain. I have been able to move 2 test user mailboxes to the exchange 2013 box successfully from the 2007 box. I'm looking for a set-by-step to complete the move to the 2013 CAS, and make sure mail is flowing.
There is no step by step as i said earlier good that you are able to move test with other functionalities and check all is working

- Rancy
Glad they seem to be ok, but bottom line, what you're doing is NOT advisable because the updates to allow both exchange servers to work properly together are not currently available.  What your doing, but doing this BEFORE they are available is putting your network at risk of failure.
As for a step by step guide - I seriously doubt you'll find one because currently, there is no supported way of doing it.
Why don't you question us on any issues as you go along and we can assist.

PS:  are your connectors working fine?
Thanks for the advise guys.

Leew, I'm going to take your advise and STOP this process before we endanger our network. I have moved the mailboxes back to the 2007 box, and will wait for RU9.

Do you suggest we wait for 2013 SP1, or should SP3 ru9 on 2007 be good enough?
2007 needs an update which is in the prerequisites because of the AD changes.
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