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Log users in ACCESS 2003 to a text file

I have been trying to find the code that, when a user logs into an ACCESS 2003 database, this users information is logged to a an external text file.  I do not want it to be tracked in the database itself, but I want it to append to a text file.  Any direction on this would be appreciated.

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Actually, this worked out just waht I wanted.  With a little tweaking, it appends the data as I want.  thank you

You can get the current user name with the CurrentUser Function:

So you would change my code above to something like this:

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Dim FileN As Integer
FileN = FreeFile
         Open "c:\YourFolder\DBLogFile.txt" For Append As FileN
            Print #FileN, Chr(13) 'Carrige Return
            Print #FileN, CurrentUser()
            Print #FileN, Format(Now(), "mm-dd-yyyy hh:nn:ss")
        Close FileN
End Sub

If you are looking for the Network Log In, use a function like this:
...then change the code accordingly.


Glad I could help...

Happy Holidays!

Use the network login; without User Level Security in Access, every call to CurrentUser() will return 'admin', which makes it worthless.

I have been using the Network login.  I have a function that returns this as we cannot use User Level Security where I am so all my databases relay on the Network login.  Thank you both for your advice.