Thinkpad X220 6 cell slice battery or 9 cell battery has longer operational hours

Our corporate offers only standard 6 cell battery for the Lenovo
X220 laptop that they issue out.  If I want to get an extra battery,

is a 6 cell slice (think this must be a battery that's joined/added
to existing 6 cell battery ??) or a 9 cell (this one will require
existing battery to be removed for it to be inserted ??) will
offer continued/seamless (ie no disruption to laptop) power

between the 6 cell slice & 9 cell, which one offers longer extra
operational hours?

which of the two is lighter in weight & less bulky ?
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
The 9 cell is built to provide longer running time. it also may be heavier. You didn't provide specific battery number to compare so we can only assume mor battery means more weight.

Here is a video showing the 9cell battery
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Btw, what's an IPS screen?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Last question:
Is IPS screen better than a non-IPS screen & what does it do?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Here is a discussion comparing IPS to Non-IPS screens

Merry Christmas
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much TG & Merry Christmas.
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