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How do I stop the taskbar from disappearing within Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135 on Win7

When I watch lectures it is a pain to pause video because the taskbar of the player keeps disappearing.  How to stop this behavior?
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I assume when you say "Flash player" you mean a video player running in Flash?

There isn't a single 'video player' - there are many, each written by a different person / team *using* Flash as the authoring environment.

Can you provide a url to the specific Flash player that you want to change the behavior of? I have to say in advance that you probably cannot change the behavior of the player, but I'd like to see which video player you mean before I say that for sure.
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The problem is in full screen mode.  I really want to be able to pause and play more easily.
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supportoranges--Put the cursor somewhere in the video screen.  The Player taskbar should appear at the bottom of the video.  (It will disappear again when you move the cursor off-screen.)  If you want a more permanent "task bar"  click on that taskbar at the bottom.  It will move to the top and no longer disappear.
just to expand my comment: you can use the space bar to pause/resume the video.
jcimarron-clicking on the taskbar at the bottom didn't seem to move the taskbar to the top when in full screen mode.  can you be more detailed? remember i am in full screen.
supportoranges--I am not talking about the Windows taskbar.  
And you are looking at a YouTube video.
The Flash taskbar will disappear if you do not move the cursor in the (Full) video screen, but reappear when you move the cursor with in the screen.  It also cannot be made permanent at the top as I described earlier.
jcimarron-thank you for your input today, i wanted to avoid moving the cursor
thank you .  i don't know how i got in the habit of moving my cursor.  space bar is the most effective action here.
supportoranges--Don't you have to use the cursor to "pause/resume"?