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Create a button to email field contents from excel sheet.

I have a series of worksheets (one for each project I am working on) in an Excel 2010 workbook which contain project status/issues information.  I would like to email the contents of a few fields to a static recipient list every Friday as an update.  Could a button be programmed to copy the contents of certain fields and paste it into an Outlook email?
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Darren S

I'm sure there are numberous ways this can be done, here is one way:
can you be more specific atttaching a sample workbook and advising which fields to be exported as email and in which format so we can provid you a working solution ?
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Here is a sample of the workbook.  I would like to send the action items sheet to the emails listed on the contacts sheet.
ok no sweat will revert shortly with solution
Sorry for the delay I did not forgot your issue. I was caught with urgent stuff at the office will look at this asap
Hi scottlab,

Is this what you are looking for ?
Kindly download the attached file and make sure your macroes are activated and go to the sheet contact and activate the button Send Emails.

Kindly check the results and let me know your comments. Please feel free to ask for alterations

errors out on line:

NewWb.SaveAs Filename:=NewWBName, FileFormat:=xlExcel8

I did not have it saved local the first time.  Runs without error.  Can the email addresses and names be pulled from the list to accomodate expanding the email list or changing recipients?

What do you mean be pulled from the list ???
whatever you put in the Contact sheet wether 1 email or 1000000 it will pull them and create email for each and everyone in your draft.

With this version you will need to manually chk each mail and press send on it so it sends it. If you like it we can send it directly. You can change also the email body content. Did oyu see the emails created in the draft ?

My mistake, it is generating drafts correctly.  Is it possible to add a field value from the action items sheet (A1)  as a prefix to the subject line?
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Jacques Geday
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Any news ? hv you had a chance to try the proposed solution ?

  I am traveling for a few days.  I will test it thoroughly after the 1st.

No problem and meantime have a Happy New Year 2013 and my it bring you prosperity health and happiness.
Any chance to hv test it ?
Any news ?
Tks for the points but would like to hear your final comment is it exactly like oyu want ? if not pls let me know.