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HTML Cache External Images Only

In process of trying to optimize the recommendation we are getting from google's page speed insights ( is to leverage caching.

What meta tag do we need to use to specify caching images (local and external) longer (say 3 months) and caching the HTML of the page for only a week?

The goal is to leverage public cache pools by using
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It's not a META tag.

Its a server Issue  or setting

If you use IIS

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Unfortunately some (or even a good majority) of the images come from third party servers that I have no control over
Image files don't have META tags or any other HTML in them.  That would have to be done on the server.  Here's a page about doing in Apache:  I don't know how to set this up in IIS.  I that in the other comment.

If they're from third party servers, there is nothing you can do about it.
So is there an HTML tag on the HTML page that I can use to say cache this page and its contents (local and external images) for 7 days?
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While it aint pretty, it does the job
Glad You appreciate that script....

Who needs pretty, when your sneaky.

You could Save the external image to a local FOlder.
 Add a Check to see if the File exists before the PHP
gets the external Image.

Regards Selvol