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hey guys, i've got these lines of code and the funny thing is that when my

txtServicingWorkHoursStartDate = "28 nov"
txtServicingWorkHoursEndDate= "30 nov"

it works fine.

but if i change my txtServicingWorkHoursEndDate to anywhere between 1 dec to 11 dec it doesn't work. meaning no records shown - even the ones from 28 to 30 nov which was showing properly previously. even if i use 01 dec or 1 dec 2012 or 01 dec 2012. this is quite strange. any possible explanations?

Forms!frmMTKManager.subfrmServicingWorkHours.Form.Filter = "[CalendarDate] >= #" & DateValue(Me.txtServicingWorkHoursStartDate) & "# AND [CalendarDate] <= #" & DateValue(Me.txtServicingWorkHoursEndDate) & "#"
    Forms!frmMTKManager.subfrmServicingWorkHours.Form.FilterOn = True
    Forms!frmMTKManager.subfrmServicingWorkHours.Form.AllowFilters = False

btw datevalue is giving me the correct dates - i've tested it with ?month(DateValue(Me.txtServicingWorkHoursEndDate)  in the immediate window. thanks guys!!

update - it gives me the same problem for the start date. if i put the start date as anything before 1 dec to 11 dec it works fine.

start date 12 dec and end date 12 dec gives me records for 12 dec. when i change start date to 11 dec bham! i get records from 26 oct to 12 dec. so weird!!!! (compacting and repairing the database doesn't help as well!!)
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Is your data just from this year or do you have data from previous years? The date value of 11/30/12 is 41243. For 2011 it's 40877. That could make the difference.

it's just this year, but even when i put in the year dd mmm yyyy format it still doesn't work
Is the field CalendarDate in your table a Date data type or a Text data type?  It should be the former.
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it's already date / time in the underlying table = (
Try this format - 12/11/2012 to 12/12/2012 and see what the result is.
same result = ((
Can you upload a copy with just the problem forms and table?  Just remove any private information first.
hey irogsinta so sorry my database is all so tightly coupled that removing all the data or just taking out the tables / queries would be so difficult. instead i captured all the screenshots and here it is in the zip file. do let me know if you want to see other tables / queries / forms / code
irogsinta how bout using the criteria of the QBE? could you help me correct my syntax if it's wrong? not sure why i can't get this query to work. thanks!!
I don't think I could be of much help with just these screenshots.  Although, from the screenshot of your form, I would recommend that you add a date format property to your textboxes so that the user can select a date from the popup calendar instead of typing a date.  That way the format is consistent.
As for your question on the syntax in QBE, that's not right.  It should be
<= Forms!frmMTKManager!txtServicingWorkhoursStartDate

The name of the tab control is not part of syntax in referring to a control in one of its pages.
great irogsinta!! i managed to extract the tables and forms with some help. the problem lies in mtk manager work hours tab. here's the access database!! = ))
It seems to work fine with these dates:
yup yup, i understand, but when i put any date from 1 - 11 dec it doesn't work just like the previous post.

here are the screenshots
Strange, it seems to work fine:
Crap... I'm in trouble then = (( what do I do?? = ((
Do you have another system you can try your database on?
I don't right now but I need to get it to work on my computer. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this?
Try the query.mdb database you uploaded.  Does it work there?  If so, then you may want to try copying all your objects to a new database and see if that takes care of the issue.
hrmm irogsinta i downloaded the mdb i uploaded and it still can't work. i ended up using the query QBE criteria to do the query (i had the create another instance of the query cause the previous one couldn't have parameters). really not sure why mine couldn't work but i really appreciate all your time and effort!! = ))

>=[Forms]![frmMTKManager]![txtServicingWorkHoursStartDate] And <=[Forms]![frmMTKManager]![txtServicingWorkHoursEndDate]
my solution was only a workaround - didn't fix the main problem

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