Firewall training lab with layer 3 switch

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Hello all,

I would like to set a firewall training lab in my lab environment.
Materials i have ;
2 Fortinet 60C utm device
1 HP 2910al switch
2 PC with 2 Network Card

The Internet gateway will be

switch config
hostname "utm_lab"
module 1 type J9145A
ip routing   >>>>>>>> i have to run this command for inter vlan comm ?
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 6-24
   no untagged 1-5
   no ip address
vlan 10
   name "VLAN10"
   untagged 1
   ip address
vlan 20
   name "VLAN20"
   untagged 2
   ip address
vlan 30
   name "VLAN30"
   untagged 3
   ip address
vlan 40
   name "VLAN40"
   untagged 4
   ip address
vlan 50
   name "VLAN50"
   untagged 5
   ip address
ip route  >>> any dest. if  dont know the route

wan1 :
wan2 :
int     : / 24

wan1 : /24
wan2 : /24
int     : /24

From ( windows2008r2 ) PC i can reach to all vlan (10-50) but can't reach to , what is wrong in this config ? any idea
How can i use my device to create a useful lab area in other way ?
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can you please put your default route like:

ip route vlan 50

also do you see your gateway ip in arp table ?


I was testing this lab with HP 2620 and wrote <ip routing> command
but i didnt get any vlan interface ip add. on the  arp table with this switch.
Then changed it to HP2910al and again write the <ip routing> command and it works now.
I didnt figure out why this lab didnt worked with HP2620 switch.
i have achievement this task with  opensource switch :)


easy to deploy

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