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Performance Issues with QuickBooks 2012 Pro

I have a user that's running QuickBooks 2012 Pro on her Windows 7 machine. She is running into a whole lot of performance issues. It takes upwards of 15 minutes to backup QuickBooks or to create an accountants copy. When performing regular tasks in the program, it often grays out and says "Not Responding" until it finally finishes. It only began taking this long is the past 2 months.

The company file is stored on a shared directory on their server. Only one user accesses the file at a time, so the QuickBooks server has not been setup. The file itself is less than 40 MB, so I know it isn't an issue with company file size. Below are some details...

User's Workstation
Dell Optiplex 7010
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit SP 1
4 GB Memory (PC 12800, 1600 MHz)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz (Quad-Core)
QuickBooks 2012 Pro, all recent updates

Dell PowerEdge 2900
Windows Server 2003 R2 SP 2
Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5405 CPU  @ 2.00GHz (Quad-Core w/ HyperThreading Technology)
RAID5 (Where company file is stored) w/ 15,000 RPM SAS drives

Wired Domain Network
Gigabit switches (new) and NIC's
Company file accessed via local network, so it shouldn't hit their firewall.

Things I have tried...

- Update QuickBooks.
- System tuneup on both the workstation and server. This includes disk cleanup, optimized defrag, registry cleanup, correction of any event log errors.
- Added exceptions on all antivirus/antimalware software on both the workstation and server. Exception includes both the QuickBooks application folder as well as the entire shared QuickBooks directory.
- Verified company file data.
- Verified that Google Desktop was not installed.
- Ran reboot.bat in the workstations QuickBooks installation folder.
- Reinstall QuickBooks on the workstation.

I'm having allot of trouble trying to figure out why I'm having performance issues. I will say that it seems like things got worse once she moved from Windows XP from her old PC to her new Windows 7 machine, though I can't see how this is related as the hardware specs greatly improved with this switch. Any ideas?
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1, Try copying the file directly to her machine.  Not to use there, but just to make sure that it copies over without issue.

2, Is that the only application running slowly on her machine?

3, I presume based on your message, that there are other users, that have no issue like this.  And if so, you should rule out the server.

4, Is this a constant issue?  I.e. every time she uses it, the same results happen, or is it more like a 7AM thing, or 3:30 pm thing?  Perhaps there is a backup running on the server at the same time she is using it.  Where I work, we have a file space that everyone starts syncing up to around 8AM, and then it goes slow for everyone.  but around 9:30 and after, syncing is fast.

5, Check for other special utilities on her machine.  Perhaps she has an over zealous backup program, that runs on any change to a file, and pays attention to that file over the network?  (not likely)

6, Check her personal configurations in the software.  Perhaps she has options set up that do more work, or referential checks.  Might want to find where it stores the configuration settings, and do a windiff against hers and another person's file that runs better, and see if there are any red flags.

Finally, I recommend this:

as a general guide, though I'm not sure how directly effective it will be in helping you.
We ran into the same problem with a network environment that is practiacly identical.  I wnt through the excersies you did to clean evrything up but it didn't help.

I tracked it down to packet inspection process that is part of Symantec Endpoint protection. We turned that process off and QB's ran much better.
Have you made any progress?
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This solution can be easily performed in any scenario where the company file is located on a shared directory on a server.