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Firefox Cerificates From Command Line (Windows)

Hi Guys,

I have want to install CA Root Authority Certificate (.crt) and Personal Certificate (.p12 or .pfx) on Firefox from a command line,

I've tried to use certutil and it even gives a successful message but it just doesn't go to the needed Certificate Store/Certificate Profile in the firefox.

Help please :D

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Yagya Shree
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You might wanna look into below post

Importing PKCS#12 (.p12) files into Firefox From the Command Line
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This is ubuntu, I need Windows.
not the same command
Did you manage to get an answer for your query?
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Not Yet,
I found on my own there is tool from mozilla called certutil (like windows have) but couldn't find anywhere to download it, only source files, so still stuck.
I would call mozilla certutil vaporware, it doesn't seem to exist.

One explanation I have seen is that it's embedded in the exe, but there's not way to use it, because there is no GUI for it. The addon Key Manager is said to add this missing gui to the already existing functions, but for a pure gui it comes with an awful lot of binary files. And there seems to be no way to run it from the command line. Also so far all my tries to use this addon failed, it always crashes.

Maybe you could use the CCK wizard, an addon by Mike Kaply, to deploy the certificate.
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