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Moutain Lion MACs connecting to Server 2012 Essentials shared folders

Does anyone have any experience with MAC clients connecting and using Windows Server 2012 Essentials shared folders?  Any issues with access / permissions?  Issues with 'seeing' the Windows-based shared folders?  Other gotchas?
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Hello newmath - Thank you for your post. It sounds like finding and connecting should be easy enough. We will test this out today. Will there be permission issues with MAC users placing files onto the Windows shares, and then those files being accessible for other users?
No. The file shares will be SMB-based, so permissions will still apply. In fact, ABE (if you use it) even works on a Mac connecting to a Windows-based file server.
Ok. We will give this a test drive then. The new client is reporting that previously they had permissions issues on files going from MACs to Windows shares. Not sure what that was all about. ?  What is ABE?
Access-based Enumeration. It is a setting you turn on at the file server which allows for hiding folders that users do not have access to. Nice feature.

I cannot speak to what issues they may have had without knowing more information. I am on a Mac right now (Mountain Lion) connected to two Windows shares - one shared from Windows 2003 R2 and the other shared from Windows 2008 R2. We are in an Active Directory environment here, but shares will also work in a workgroup setting as well - but in the later case, remember that permissions are not centralized as is the case with Active Directory.
Thank you for this info. Worked fine.  Ah, yes I am aware of access based enumeration. It is actually one of my fav features.
Hi New math -  Although we were able use the command + K and get the SMB shares connected, the MAC users can't edit and folder names.  Going to a windows machine, using the same user account, the folder names (under the same SMB shares) can be changed.  Therefore, it is only the MAC clients that can't edit the folders.  So, without the ability to edit, it's really not working.  Any ideas?
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Hello.  We have a recurring permissions issue that I need some help with.  We recently migrated our shared file server from a Mac XServe to a Windows Server Essentials 2012 box.  Some of our users are now experiencing problems resaving and renaming files.  I suspect that the permissions from the old Mac server are somehow causing ownership conflicts on the new server.  Is there a way to strip any residual Mac permissions info off of the files now that they reside on a Windows server?