Anyone own multiple Apple products and how to make vast improvements to each?

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Analyst are concerned that Apple inovation may have peaked.
The stock price is around $515, the most bullish analyst has a target of about $1100. The most bearish has a target of $310.

So, how can Apple keep re-inovating their iPhone, iMac, iPad?
These devices will soon get a small as they can get, as fast as they can get, as thin and light as they can get and then what?

What can Apple do to improve their iPhone5 to make it better and attract the buying needed to be the device people want?
What can be done to improve the iPad or mini Ipad?
Same question for the iMac?

The only new products in the rumor mill are a music service to wipe Pandora off the map.
An Apple TV or even an Apple iCar.
They likely won't be able to sell too many $1000 Apple TV's.
They could use some of their cash to buy Netflix and Tivo to add to their TV.

As a shareholder, I'd like to know what is left for them to do, to improve the products they have now. There are limits. The mini iPad is already about as small and thin and light as it can get. They already have 100's of thousands of applications.

What's left?
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A couple of ideas:

Improve the battery life of the iPhone
Add touch to OS X
Add App's and a Store to the Apple TV (a potential new revenue source)
Create a hybrid Apple TV / Games console product, possibly with a kinect'ish style control.
Produce an Apple branded 3D printer.
Buy as much carbon nanotube battery IP as possible, to ensure they can keep the lawyers busy for decades to come.
Hire as many European patent lawyers as possible and prepare for a mass filling following the launch of the unified EU patent system:
There's a lot to improve. Siri needs refinement, and that can happen datacenter side. Apple needs to add Retina Display to the iPad Mini - immediately. The ATV has loads of improvements needed. The Apple TV needs to accommodate more channels, and they would do well to add Siri to the next generation, which would require new hardware (presumably).

Wireless charging will come. Battery life will improve. Curved glass on the devices is coming, and Apple will probably be the first to introduce really cool new glass surfaces.

Apple is still a solid company that isn't staying stagnate. With the exception of their awful cloud services, they continue to innovate and people want their hardware. I mean, anecdotally, I can say that I know many, many people getting Apple gear for the first time on Christmas earlier this week. So, for the time being, they're a solid company.
They need to improve the new Maps app... with the addition of the free Google Maps app with turn by turn, there's not much need to the Maps app that is not as good as it ought to be.

I agree with the suggestions on iCloud. It's a great idea, but without the ability to use it to back up normal files or to sync them it's about half as good as it could be.  I've been forced to go to another vendor for that service.

Rethink tech support. And that's not just an Apple thing, but since I mostly use Mac products, it hits home there.  Here's my issue. I usually buy the extended AppleCare warranty on my Apple products. Which is great for the products. The thing is that many times after the warranty is done I may have a simple question about an OS upgrade or app upgrade or some piece of the OS that I've never used and I have no way of asking Apple without incurring a charge. The Apple support forums are good, but sometimes you just need to be on the phone or a chat with an Apple tech to work through the issue. I wish they had a multi-year and multi-call policy so that even if the years are up, you can still contact Apple for a certain number of calls or with a new OS release you can call them for a certain number of calls...something.

Don't follow MS and make OS X into iOS. I think that Apple has the right idea in that it is slowly integrating iOS things into OS X. Perhaps someday OS X and iOS will look a lot more alike. But Apple's approach makes the most sense. Unlike MS who ripped out everything that people know and love about Windows to come up with this "metro" interface that may be great if all you want to do is Tweet and draw pictures, but fails terribly in the business world.

Create the ability to write rules in the iOS Mail application. I have rules in my Mac-based mail program to delete certain emails or route them to other folders for my POP email account, but have to wade through all that on m iPhone and iPad all of the time.

I wish that Apple would make Safari have a two line  URL spot. In one sense I think the combined Address/Search URL line is a good idea.  But I still think they need a second line.  One line should be for INPUT ONLY. The other should be the display line for the page.  Here's my beef. I enter a UrL. I made a mistake and I see it before the page fully loads. I highlight the text in the line and start to type, but because the page is still loading it changes what's on the URL line as I type in new stuff so that when I am done and hit enter, the URL is now all messed up and I have to do it again. So I'd like the URL/Search line to be for input text only and the second line to have all of the info coming back from the page.

Go back to a once a year product release. I had waited for the 4S to come out and upgraded from my 3S.  If I had known that the 5 was just a few months down the road, I would have waited.

Work with cell phone vendors to come up with a way for users to easily set rule
s in the phone to block callers regardless of whether they send a real Caller ID.

Continue to improve Siri.
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I think apple needs to come up with something revolutionary, as they are prone to do every few years, take a look at some of these concept designs:

These are created by fans, but give an idea of what can happen.

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