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Local Administrator Cannot Access Windows/7

I added a local administrator to an existing Windows./7 workstation.   We logged in as the user and when I try to bring up Control Panel I am getting the following Error Message. The title bar has 26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683 the actual message says
Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.  You May have the appropriate permission to acess the item.

Does anyone know what is causing this?

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Try creating a new user giving that user admin rights and see what happens

Maybe that user profile is corrupt
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How do you "add a local administator" to a computer?  There should already be one.

If you created a new account you intended to have administrative privileges, make sure you added the account to the local administrators' group, and make sure the account is not in the users' group.
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The workstation is part of a domain.  I went to User Accounts and added the account there and made him a local user.
Try this

From a command prompt run as administrator

Then net user administrator /active:yes

Login as administrator and see what happens
"I went to User Accounts and added the account there and made him a local user."
And this user is in the Administrators group, but not in the Users group?  If you're using the Control Panel UI it's a radio button so you can only choose one or the other.
When I tried to bring up the command prompt as an Administrator I get the same error as when I tried to open the Control Panel.  when I open as a user the command prompt worked.

When you add a domain user it asks for the user name, domain and group membership.  I deleted the user and re-added him but there was no difference.
Restart the computer in safe mode with networking

Then add the administrator account as above
Tried it but no change.
Are you running AV? If so, what app? I've seen this happen when more than one antivirus application is installed at the same time.
Running Trend Micro Worry Free Standard.  I am going to run it to see if there are any malware.
If no virus is found which I doubt you will find
I would next do a windows 7 install repair option

Run sfc /scannow
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Glad you got it working.