How to improve Logo with Illustartor

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I made a logo for our website (attached) - for this site: 

a medical supply store for the elderly

How do I improve it? It needs a lot of improvement.

Using Illustrator. Attached is the .ai file extension changed to txt
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Could you post an image maybe snapshot of this file, your ai logo txt is just a lot of text
to me an cant change the extension
it doesn't save I have to rightclick it and save as
With your web page are you using png? transparent?
Is the image on that web page?
Maybe others can.
What happens when I click on your link file
what I see

Change it to a PDF file to view.  It's an Adobe Illustrator file.  It is incorporated into the rest of the light blue 822 x 94 pixel *.GIF banner:
It doesn't look as though it is being squashed or stretched by the parameters in the HTML code, so probably just the image format and compression that has caused the fuzziness around the loop in the mouse cable part of the logo.

Sorry weikelbob, I'm just on my way out to work and I don't have Adobe Illustrator anyway.  Try saving your logo as a PNG and see whether there is an improvement.
Thank you BillDL always so helpful, that doesn't work for me either,
normally I just open ai in Inscape, if you don't hear from me
I'm having an issue with emails and comment added to participated questions, I'm not getting any updated emails since changing ISP.
The URL you posted is that the image?
What is wrong with it weikelbob if that is the image, what area do you need fixing?
You say it needs a lot of fixing?
If I had the original png of the couple without the faded edge i probably redo that part, buttonise the edge first using the same colours then add in the couple so they are clear no faded edge.
I use Paintshop pro 7 and 9, paint dot net and Inkscape
a slight button effect,
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It's not editable though. If you want it editable, tell me how I export out of Illustrator and keep it editable?
Thanks I can edit that as is in my tools send it back to you and you can modify it?
What part are you unhappy with?
Do you have the single transparent of the people
a bit of modification, edged and buttonisedAre you using PHP or any scripting?
Or just working with the image?


Just the image, no php.

Here's the people (attached)


Wait I've got a png that's better
What you think, the idea here I can may be help you with my tools
you tell me if it helps
hows that?

new couple with drop shadow  buttonised
my couple transparent
transparent couple i made


Cool. I'll see if we can use that.
You should have the magic wand or selection tool,  I used the selection tool to outline the couple then fixed the edges a bit
once I added the couple transparent resized it I then added a drop shadow made it darker blue to match the colours of the page,  while it had a dotted line around then buttonised the edges solid using the same colour as your web page.
I used paint dot net to emphasis the text.
I didn't take into account the phone numbers/hours part


Cool, thank you
Glad to help out thank you weikelbob

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