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Create Users & mailboxes automatically under win2008 R2 & Exchange 2010

Hello Gurus
I have a win2008 R2 domain controller. I also have another member server which has Exchange 2010.

I have to create 124 Users in 1 specific OU with their mailboxes in Exchange 2010.
I need to set the following settings.
1-User Name & Surname
2-Password ("letmein" for all) - They need to change it on next logon
3-Start up script (some mappings...)
4-Home Folders
5-Enable a Mailbox for those users

I also have a GPO that I need to use for those users.
In fact I have 10 users created and working perfectly as I need the other 124 .
Is there a way to "extract" the settings from those users into a "template" that I could modify to apply on the ones I need to create ?

How Do I do this is Powershell ?

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I created a file called toadd.ps1 and entered the following in it.

$users = Import-CSV C:\scripts\users.csv
$users| foreach


$Password = convertto-securestring $_.password -asplaintext -force

new-mailbox -name $ -alias $_.alias -FirstName $_.Firstname -LastName $_.Lastname -userPrincipalName  $_.UPN -database $_.Database -OrganizationalUnit $_.OUpath -Password $Password –ResetPasswordOnNextLogon:$true



Then I created a CSV file and tried to run the command in PS.

Not working !
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Are you running the script in Exchange Management Shell? if yes what is the error?
Only problem I see is with the use of foreach, you didn't start the Curly bracket immediately after foreach command..
Try this..
$users = Import-CSV C:\scripts\users.csv
$users| foreach {
$Password = convertto-securestring $_.password -asplaintext -force
new-mailbox -name $ -alias $_.alias -FirstName $_.Firstname -LastName $_.Lastname -userPrincipalName  $_.UPN -database $_.Database -OrganizationalUnit $_.OUpath -Password $Password –ResetPasswordOnNextLogon:$true

Open in new window

This is the error I am getting while inputing the lines one by one in PS
You are running the script in normal PowerShell, you need to run the script in  Exchange Management Shell.. Also can you post the input csv file? I think you have not provided the tab password in the file or its values are empty..

To open the Exchange Management Shell, follow these steps:

1.Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.
2.Click Exchange Management Shell.
I launched the Exchange Management Shell and typed in the commands...
Still errors !

Your CSV file doesn't have a header like..

Open in new window

User generated image
At last it works !
Thanks a lot !
Still few things...
I would like to add
1-a logon script (scriptstart.bat)
2-Home Folder Z:\ connect to \\data-srv\users\%Username%

Thanks again !!
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