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Graphics card For Multiple Monitors

Hi Experts,
            As Following from My previous Question I need to connect 4 monitors to one cpu.

I've nvidia Get Force 8600 GT DDR2 - 512 MB. By Using this card how many monitors I can connect?

What is the necessary hardwares (or) Equipments (or) adapters I need ??

VGA Monitors. The graphics card have 1 HDMA port and one VGA Port.

Is this possible to connect 2 (or) 3 Monitors??

Thanks in advance.
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Neil Russell
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With that card you can only connect two monitors. One via HDMI and one via VGA port.

So you need two monitors and two cables.
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I've one VGA cable.. Another one is HDMI to VGA cable..rite?

This will extend the monitor display or Same screen will show up in both two monitors??
You can configure if you want to extend or mirror in the graphics properties of windows.

As to what cables, that will depend on what connections your monitors have available.
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you really need to buy a card that supports 4 screens from the off such as this one:
I'm in India and amazon not shipping to India..
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Peter Hart
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Is there any other graphic card available in cheaper cost.. And I'm also looking for 1male to 2 dvi female cables..