Error message appears when activating MS Office Pro Plus 2010

I get the message that says "A communication error has occured. Please verify that you have connectivity to the Internet and try again. (0x80072EE2)" when I try to activate Office Pro Plus 2010  through Internet. I do not have a telephone line to activate it in the office.

My internet is not slow and there is no firewall blocking the packets, what might be the problem?
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terencinoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is more difficult than it should be, and I have to admit I've never had this problem, but some options you have:
1. Rearm Office to reset the grace period, allowing more time to run a phone line or internet access. Although this seems complex with having to create an image.
2. Use VAMT 2.0 to create a CIL, which you can email to Ted Way the Microsoft Program Director. This is a long shot, he has probably been promoted to the Windows RT team by now...If you case is similar, then the problem is an authenticated proxy, do you have one of those?
3. I'm guessing it is a desktop, so you could connect a wireless adapter, connect to your iPhone personal hotspot, disable the proxy and try again.
Hi bidden, can you check:
1. Make sure Internet Explorer is working OK and can freely access, set as default browser. Check Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings and see if there is a proxy there. If so add * to the exclusion list
2. Check the date on your PC is accurate
3. Control Panel > Windows Firewall > turn off & try again
4. Work through all the methods in the Microsoft article here
When you try to activate Office programs over the Internet, you receive an error message

Hope that helps
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biddenAuthor Commented:
@terencino| I checked all settings and followed the steps and I did not succeed. any other idea?
@Attlax| I followed the steps and had no luck.
Couple more questions then:
1. Is it a private retail license or volume license
2. What version of Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32/64 bit
3. What version of Office 32-bit or 64-bit
biddenAuthor Commented:
@terencino| volume license; Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit; Not sure of office, how do I check?
biddenAuthor Commented:
@terencino| Found the version of Office-Its 32 bit.
Can you open a command line and use this command:

cscript "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS" -dstatus
biddenAuthor Commented:
@terencino|I tried the command but i get the error message "Unsupported command passed."
Sorry old command, try a slash instead of a dash
cscript "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS" /dstatus
biddenAuthor Commented:
@terencino|Here are the results of the command:

C:\>cscript "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS" /dstatus
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

SKU ID: fdf3ecb9-b56f-43b2-a9b8-1b48b6bae1a7
LICENSE NAME: Office 14, OfficeProPlus-MAK edition
ERROR CODE: 0xC004F009
ERROR DESCRIPTION: The Software Licensing Service reported that the grace period
Last 5 characters of installed product key: G67FC


What should I do next. The above mentioned key ending with G67FC is able to be activated telephonically. It is just that in that particular office there is no phone.
biddenAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, I managed to activate the product using option 2. I downloaded and installed the application. I found that office 2010 appeared under Notifications. I went on to right click on it>choose Activate from the dropdown menu>Proxy Activate, checked Apply Confirmation ID and Activate check box>clicked Ok then Clicked close> and finally clicked close and it was activated successfully.
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