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Really strange problem, we've got a client with a Buffalo Linkstation LS-WV2.0TL/R1 NAS, the internal clients can access fine.

They've also got a Draytek 2820 router where i have set up a PPTP VPN, i can connect to the VPN fine and can access everything on the Network except the NAS. They've got a user now working from home and needs access to the files on the NAS.

I've upgraded the firmware on the NAS to 1.64 and also the firmware on the router to

I really cant figure it out and need to get this resolved ASAP.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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can you map the nas by IP on the desktop of the user?

have a quick read here as well, it is for a qnap but the principal should be the same


Thanks xmlmagician for you quick response.

I had a look at that article earlier, i've tried to go back and make things as simple as possible, i've been trying to ping by IP address (this works ok on the internal LAN) i can ping other addresses on the LAN over the VPN fine but not the NAS.

If i run a tracert to the NAS it hits the correct default gateway which is the internal IP address of the router i'm VPN'd to but doesn't go any further.

I cant work out if its the router or NAS that's at fault.
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hhmmmmm....interesting one, on another post for a buffallo wx something i saw that the firmware is up to 1.72 which fixed a similar problem.

the other thing i would try is to set a route something like all traffic hitting x.x.x.x.x:12345 is diverted to the nas.


The firmware was my first thought, i've double checked and for this NAS 1.64 is the latest.

I will try the route thing later, i need to be careful as i'm not on site at the moment.!
ouch....i hate troubleshooting routers remotely.

are you using the 3G option as i have found it to be a life saver when i mess things up, by the way the drayteks are an excellent piece of gear.

best of luck
Well not so weird after all now that i've figured it out.

It appears some time in the past somebody has put an entry in the Bind IP to Mac, at some point the Mac has changed or maybe hardware replaced and the Mac has changed, The current NAS had been given a static IP address. Therefore when i try to VPN the router uses the Bind IP to Mac table so cannot find the address.

Very frustrating but glad i've solved it.


After hours of trying to figure this out i managed to resolve it myself.

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