CUCM - Able to get "IP Communicator" working, not able to get real phone (7960) registered.

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In a pure lab environment, and following these very simple instructions (, I have been able to get two soft-phones to work just fine.  Both "IP Communicator" phones connect to the CUCM box without any problems what-so-ever.

Unfortunately, my physical 7960 phones aren't having the same luck.  For some reason, they role through the following cycle:

"Requesting Configuration"
"Configuring CM List"

And after about a minute or two - they eventually just give-up and check back in with their CME.  *In my lab, I have a 2800 CME that the phones were all registered to.  The CUCM doesn't say anything about rejecting the phone or anything, only that the phone's status is "unknown".  Both the "IP Communicator" software are in the same network, and I'm feeding the TFTP option to them both via my DHCP server.

At this point, I'm leaning to the phones having too old of a firmware revision on them which makes it so the CUCM box can't service them, but I'm not sure.  If anybody has any experience at all with this, I would very much appreciate your insight.

*In testing, I've tried using both protocols (SCCP and SIP) for the 7960s, but each attempt has let me down at the same spot.
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K lets fix this:

- CUCM version
- 7960s firmware version
- Whats showing up  under Settings > Status > Status messages
- Open RTMT and go to the Application Viewer to check for the latest entries pertaining to phone registration
- Is this auto registration, or did you manually added the phones to the database?
- The CM service is running all right I suppose, since the communicators register, but, could you please check that both the CM and TFTP services are running?

Let me know.
AkinsdNetwork Administrator

The phones are looking for configuration files from your router but are getting nothing.

1. Do you have firmware for the phones on your CME router, if not, download it
2. Did you check "Address Leases" on the scope to make sure the phones were assigned proper addresses.
3. Are the phnoes on a different vlan?
4. Did you configure IP Helper to ensure DHCP assigns the proper address to the phones if they are in a separate vlan?
5. Is the CME router the TFTP server?

Do a
dir flash:
And look for files that look like the following
     129828                    <no date>  P00308000400.bin
        461                    <no date>  P00308000400.loads
     701768                    <no date>  P00308000400.sb2
     130232                    <no date>  P00308000400.sbn

Yours might be slightly different but they all should start with POO,,,

- IP Phone Boot Process
1. Detects Power over ethernet capabilities
2. Switch sends voice VLAN via CDP
3. IP Phones receives DHCP request with option 150
4. IP Phone contacts TFTP server and downloads Configuration File which tells the phone who the CME Router is
5. IP Phone registers with CME Router

Run the following
show run | in tftp-server
show telephony-service tftp-bindings


Thank you very much for your assistance here.  Let me see if I can't field all your questions:

- CUCM version

- 7960s firmware version
     App Load ID:  P00307020200
     Boot Load ID:  PC0303010001

- Whats showing up  under Settings > Status > Status messages
     Please forgive me, I'm not seeing where you're mentioning to go here.   "Settings/Status", is this under the "CM Administration" drop down?  

- Open RTMT and go to the Application Viewer to check for the latest entries pertaining to phone registration
     As above, please forgive me - in that I'm not sure where to find this feature.

- Is this auto registration, or did you manually added the phones to the database?
     Manual in all cases.  I have about 8 physical phones that were added manually, and they all are unable to register.
     The two soft-phones I configured were manually as well, but those work just fine.

- The CM service is running all right I suppose, since the communicators register, but, could you please check that both the CM and TFTP services are running?
     It looks like everything's fine with the TFTP Service.  It's showing as "activated" in the "Serviceability/Service Activation" menu.

Again, thank you VERY much for jumping in and showing me ideas.
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Akinsd, I just noticed your post.  I was editing mine when you added comments - give me a minute to read through it.
@Akinsd: he is trying to register the devices on CUCM, not CME.
AkinsdNetwork Administrator
My bad

Same concept though.
The phones are not finding the configuration file.

Check this link out
This would be on the phone itself: Settings > Status > Status messages

If you go to under Settings > Network configuration, can you verify that the phone  grabbed the correct TFTP option?

These are the options when the phone is loaded with a SCCP firmware.


Ah.  Apologies - You're exactly right in that those are phone settings.  I was mistaken in thinking that was on the CUCM.

Yes, the phones are grabbing the correct TFTP server of the CUCM box.  The "Call Manager 1" is still pointing to the original CME though.

Under Settings > Status > It looks like I'm getting a "TFTP Timeout" error.  - Which would explain everything.
AkinsdNetwork Administrator

Check the current IP address on the phones and see if you can ping them from the TFTP server
That would be by connecting through SSH to the CM server and running:

utils network ping <phone's IP>

or logging to http://<ip addr>/cmplatform, and then go to Services > Ping
Do you have a cluster where you maybe enabled TFTP on one server, and not in the other? Try restarting the TFTP service.

Try also downloading the configuration file from your computer. First enable the TFTP Client on a Win 7 machine. THen run this from a command prompt:

tftp   <CM IP>   get  sep<mac of the ip phone>.cnf.xml

If you can obtain it, then the TFTP server is not the issue


Sorry for delay.  Just had a marathon phone session with EqualLogic concerning a site-outage on one of our DataCenters.  I have to admit, it was some amazing troubleshooting that their techs were able to pull off.

- But in regards to your guys' questions, let me see if I can answer them:

I am getting from CUCM --> Phone via IP.  Here is a chopped output from the CUCM box:

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=3.90 ms

--- ping statistics ---
1 packets transmitted, 1 received, 0% packet loss, time 0ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 3.904/3.904/3.904/0.000 ms

It looks like you guys are on the mark with the config files being unavailable.

Here's a TFTP cutout:

tftp get sep000DBDBF1276.cnf.xml
Timeout occurred
                   Connect request failed

Did I miss a step that's supposed to create the config files (CME did this automatically when you entered the command)?
At most, click on the Reset button and choose to fully reset the device. This should also reset the code in CM. That should be it. Now, there is a TFTP timeout from your PC to the CM, matching what the phones are experiencing. Lets collect a packet capture from the Callmanager TFTP server:

Once you download it, please upload it to so I can take a look.

Also, since you say the IP Communicators register fine, go ahead and try to download their config files sames as before:

tftp get sep000DBDBF1276.cnf.xml

The IP Communicators accept other non-hex characters, so you may name your IP Communicator something like my-cipc, and then the config file will be named

Lets see if you can download those.
By the way, the sniffer captures needs to be run while trying to register the phone of course.


Both, thank you VERY much for your assistance here.

On your suggestion willlywilburwonka, I grabbed a sniffer and fired up a session between the phones and the CUCM.

As it turns out, although they went right away to the TFTP server I was sending them via DHCP - that`s where it stopped.  The rest of the communication went straight to their original CME.

Very strange...  I had no idea why they would want to talk to their original CME, as I didn`t have any configuration what-so-ever pointing to the old IP.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks *** I need to factory default the phones!

As soon as I did that, each phone checked in absolutely perfectly into the CUCM box.  Mission Accomplished!

Thanks for the assistance guys, I couldn`t have figured it out without you both.
You are welcome mate!
AkinsdNetwork Administrator

Anytime pal

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