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Remove-ActiveSyncDevice when the object has been deleted from ExchangeActiveSyncDevices

Some ActiveSyncDevice - objects hzave been deleted directly from active directory about a year ago, so the tombstones are now away, too.

The cmdlet get-activesyncdevicestatistics still finds the corresponding devices somewhere in the mailbox, but it is no more possible to Remove-Activesyncdevice since the corresponding object misses from AD.

Does anyone know the way to delete the remnants of the Devices from the mailboxes so that get-activesyncdevicestatistics does not find them any more?

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Alan Hardisty
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If you open up ADSIEDIT.MSC (and very carefully), navigate to your user using Default naming Context then under the user, do you see CN=ExchangeActiveSyncDevices?

If you do - select that in the left pane and do you see the Device in the right pane?  If you do - delete it.


(Be very careful what you are deleting as this is directly modifying Active Directory so any mistakes could be costly).
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@alanhardisty: yes, of course I see the Folder ExchangeActiveSyncDevices and - no, I don't see these devices there, because what had been done about a year ago is exactly what you are describing. The devices had been deleted from AD and the retention time for tombstones is over long ago. Exactly this is my Problem. I need to delete the "rest" - that is what one gets with Get-ActivesyncDeviceStatistics, but I don't have a slightest idea, where it is.

@ jimmithakkar: this is not a solution at all: Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics | Remove-ActiveSyncDevice does not work, otherwise I would not have had to post this Problem here. Particularly the Remove-ActiveSyncDevice does not find the Device-object in AD and fails.

Are there other ideas out there?

Okay - how many DC's do you have and do you have any DC's still showing in AD that are no longer live?

Please post the output from DCDIAG.
Hello alanhardisty,

thank you. Just to answer your question: we have 17 DCs and none of them is going to show the months ago deleted tombstones. The domain ist normally synchronized. The output of DCDiag would be in German, but it only consists of the successfull tests.

But I guess, you are actually misunderstanding the problem. There is nothing to look for in AD! Or at any rate not in the msExchActyiveSyncDevice - Objects, which can be found under the corresponding User-Containers in AD.

The msExchActiveSyncDevice - Objects do not contain the properties like DeviceType, FirstSyncTime, LastSuccessSync and so on - but all those properties are returned by Get-Activesyncdevicestatistics - even if the matched msExchActiveSyncDevice object is gone.

That means for me that this information is stored somewhere else - either in some other type of AD-Objects or (what I suspect) in the Mailbox itself. That is what I want to know: where is it and how can I delete it. There is no sense in looking for the non-existing AD-Objects.

I'm not misunderstanding the question.  The objects have to be returned from somewhere and I am just trying to see if there is a rogue DC that is still holding on to the objects because it isn't syncing properly that is reporting on the devices.
If you move a problem user to another mailbox and then run the report on devices, do they still show up?
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And I was involved in that question too!  Best I remember it for the next time!

Glad you got it sorted and sorry for not helping you this time.

I was faster to find an answer. Actually the answer was aready here, one only had to find it.