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I have a Iphone 4s and the newest Ipad. I am thinking about jail breaking them both so I can tether my ipad to the ihpone and use a password locking tool on the ipad since Apple hasn't provided a way to do this since they think it means people will buy multiple ipads instead of sharing one in a family.

So my main concerns are.....

1. What are the chances of bricking the device to the point it is a paper weight? Or if you brick it can you just wipe and restore and your back to normal? I really don't want to destroy my new $730 Ipad.

2. How long does it normally take for a new jailbreak version to be released after a IOS update? I would think the protocol is wait for a new jailbreak version to be released then update and rejailbreak.

3. Can anyone give me a site or list of sites for tried and true jailbreaking, it makes me a little nervous to just do a web search so I would rather use a site several people can vouch for. I have read that http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ is a good site to use but I don't know anything about them.

4. After jailbreaking do you just backup like normal in Itunes, run new updates, rejailbreak device? Or do you have to backup and restore to get rid of jailbreaking, update, then jailbreak again?

5. How complicated is it to jailbreak and go through the process of updating and rejailbreaking? I'm not really worried about it I am just curious what will be involved.

7. Does jailbreaking create a big safety concern? Again, I am only planning on tethering and locking apps. I may install a few apps that allow you to customize the phone more but that's about it. Does the safety risk come from bad apps or just the fact the phone is jailbroken?

6. Are there any other big concerns I should be aware of before jailbreaking? Since it is legal now does apple still void the warranty? If you wipe and restore to normal will they ever know?

Thanks for any answers and advice.
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Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011
What version of the iOS do you have on both devices?

The iPhone 4S with iOS6.x.x has yet to be jailbroken, so at the moment, you can't Jailbreak it unless you have iOS 5.x.x on it.

As for the iPad, if that is a new A5 processor, then that too can't be Jailbroken at the moment unless I am behind the latest news.

www.redmondpie.com would be a source of reliable info that I would recommend.


It sounds as though you've done some research and are on the right track. However, before you void your warranty, you may want to do some research into the wireless carrier's crackdown on tethering. They are getting wise to it and people are starting to get some pretty outrageous bills. (being charged for tethering even though it's not on their plan because it's obvious that is what they are doing)
Other than that, Jailbreaking is simple and you can find dozens of tutorials and how-tos.
Personally though, I wouldn't recommend it.


I'm using the most recent IOS updates. Is it possible to roll back to a previous version?

From what I understand as long as you use a IOS device they can't detect tether, so IPad should be ok but laptop with Windows 7 isn't.
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I think for rolling back to previous update, you have to restore. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.

wireless companies look at your data usage, if the data usage is above what should be expected from a device (regardless of operating system) they know you are tethering. Computers will use a whole lot more data than a phone or pad will.
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

I am not aware that you can downgrade to an earlier iOS if you are now on the latest iOS.  You will just have to wait for them to Jailbreak the current iOS before you can jailbreak.

See http://www.redmondpie.com/downgrade-ios-6-to-5.1.1-on-a4-ios-devices-using-redsn0w/

I am waiting for iOS6 to be broken before I upgrade as I use an App that I rely on and don't need the extra features on iOS 6, so I sit and wait.


To your general question at the beginning iPhone 4s on iOs 6 Jailbreak - does not publicly exist and the new iPad release late 2012 also currently impossible.  (I hope that my answer to this question changes in Jan 2013 but there is not word yet on when a jailbreak might exist).

Assuming a jailbreak exists;

1.  Little to none of creating a paper weight.  If you follow the instructions to the letter you will also not have a problem. If you do it is only the operating system not the device that you are playing with.
2. That varies.  Some jailbreaks were there immediately some too longer.  If there is a new processor then usually longer.  For example iphone 4S jailbreak was released around late Dec 2011.
3. Follow these tutorials iClarified Tutorials for iPhone and 9 times out of ten their iClarified wizard works fine to tell you your options.
4. NO.  In itunes you can back up and sync as normal but you cannot restore or update without loosing your jailbreak.  So if you do not like the jailbreak then just plug it into itunes and restore and the jailbreak is gone.
5.  As a virgin it is going to be different and take a while.  Once you have done it a few times it gets simple.  There was one jailbreak where you simply had to go to an internet page and click on one button.  But those days are probably gone.

6.  That is a huge discussion point.  The best answer I can give is if you are worried about it, think that you will need your warranty or want to take your iPhone to the apple store for help dont do it.

7. Little to none.  A jailbreak is actually a security breach into the operating system, which you can then patch normally with something from cydia.  But once again here there are many that would argue that it is a security issue.  For example all the apps in cydia are not checked like the apps in the app store so if you download an app from cydia that was coded to send all your contacts home then it might be thought to be a security risk.
The new ipad (ipad 4th generation) hasn't been jailbroken yet, as for the iphone 4s if it has ios 5.1.1 or older you can jailbreak It
1- 0% dont worry at all, the worst thing that could happen is that you would lose your data unless you have a backup or you have your stuff synced with the cloud,
2- it depends on the device
   For example ios 4.3.3 jailbreak for the ipad 2 took hackers about a year to release it, and it usually takes longer to make a jailbreak  for newer devices (god help us with iphone 5 JB)
3- www.idownloadblog.com is very good and simple i recommend it for you,
4- after jailbreaking you can backup normaly on itunes but itunes will backup some jailbreak cache files which are sorted in itunes as "other" , in oder to remove the jailbreak you have to restore your deivce using itunes
5- jailbreaking (these days) is not hard, you download an app on you computer (redsn0w, sn0wbreeze..) connect your device and follow on-screen instruction. Very simple
6- Jailbreaking is legal for iphone and ilegal for ipad !!  Go to http://www.businessinsider.com/jailbreak-the-iphone-but-not-the-ipad-2012-10
I hope i helped and sorry for my english :))
Another thing to add.. My iPhone4 that was JailBroken was very slow after the Jail break. Flashing it back to factory was like night and day in regards to speed of the iOS.

Another thing to think about is if you use any apps for work (like Good) they may block Jail Broken devices.


Thanks for the info. Hopefully they will release a jail break soon.

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