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C# classes

Just starting here...

I have a project with a Form1.cs and a newly added myClass.cs.

How can I access a routine in myClass from Form1?
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you either need to instantiate a new instance of your object or you need to make the method static.

myClass  mClass = new myClass();

//in your class
static void YourMethodCall()


//in the form
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static didn't work... I get an "inaccessible due to its protection level".

I'll now try to instantiate it.
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not stating public implies private.
Instantiation didn't work... any other ideas?

FYI... Changing static to public still doesn't work.

The only dot operators for my class are .Equals and .ReferenceEquals
show me the code you have
Thank you!
p_davis has answered your question.

Look up (and learn about) public, protected and private in the help files.  I would also strongly advise purchasing a book to help you learn C#.  Just doing things at random is not a good idea when you don't know the very basics of the language.
Thanks AndyAinscow...

I'm an old VB6 and .asp programmer... I find it hard to get a book and go cover to cover...
That I can understand.
The problem is that you need to know the very basics first.  (Ever try building a house starting with the attic?).  Learning by doing is good but you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in the long run by reading about the basics - say the first few chapters.  Then look in later chapters / index as you attempt something.
What I usually do is.

1.  is make the methods in the class public static.
2.  on the top of form1, where the directives are put - using [project name];

for example if my project is called "TestApp" I would put:
using TestApp;

Then you can access the public static methods by calling your class.


If you have your class in a folder called "Classes" you would put this at the top of your form:

using TestApp.Classes;
Thanks everyone.