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How to monitor my LAN network device traffic

As the title above ,any tools for us to found out who are consume most bandwidth in my network like download and upload ?
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This can automatically discover all the device in Network or need to have the agent to make it work.izit easy to implement ?
Especially this one is easier to implement in comparison to other related software

The things you want to succeed are by default complicated, so the setup of that kind of software depends on your network infrastructure, domain, smart switches, firewall, etc...
Can i use it to monitor PC ,how about the bandwidth usage for this software ?
Yes you can use it to monitor PCs and the bandwidth that consumes depends on how large your network.
If the network has many clients probably will require a dedicated machine to handle the monitoring
What kind of router do you have?
i cant really think of any free tools which does what your asking, but u can download a trial version and use it to find out what you need....

this will exactly what you need, show all devices, bandwidth, create alerts based on bandwidth, breakdown of bandwidth by port etc

netfort languardian

NetFort LANGuardian is software for investigating and monitoring activity on your network. Use it for network forensics, troubleshooting bandwidth issues, and keeping track of Web activity and Windows file share activity
There are free things like capsa, nagios, catci, some solarwinds apps...

To use anything that isn't integrated into your router requires one of two things: SNMP trap on the router sent to the app, or port mirroring in the switch to send all traffic that is going to the router to the port where your app lives.

I use mainly sonicwall gear, but I believe cisco has something called netflow and solarwinds makes a free monitor:
For free tools, you can try "WFilter Free" or wireshark.

It requires you to setup a mirroring port in your switch, then the monitoring program can monitor all network connections on this mirroring port.
I use mikrotik for bandwidth management, check who is consuming how much bandwidth and restricting the bandwidth usage for particular computer or vlan.
It can be installed in PC or mikrotik routerboards itself.