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receiver prompts the user to login when user opens published desktop

When a user logs in to the published Desktop  (XenApp 6.5) the Receiver doesnt automatically log the user in , so that the user gets the applications in start menu

As checked the receiver doesnt fetch the URL for the WebInterface
We have xenapp 6.5 and receiver 3.3
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Sekar Chinnakannu
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did you installed the rollup pack in your xenapp servers?  if not please install and check and also check citrix forum discussion too
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yes we have Rollup 1 applied on all servers.
There is a policy for the newer versions of the receiver that you have to enable.

Use the icaclient.adm that comes with the receiver.
In the computer section under Administrative Templates | Citrix, there is one called "Enable local authentication" or something like that.. you need that to enable passthrough on the receiver itself.  I have no idea why Citrix changed that, but they did :-(

The policy is enabled already

I am not sure why the receiver doesnt get the URL automatically.
Are you setting the URL by policy?  

I did put a policy as well which adds the url in the registry.

Is there any better way to do this
What's the location in the registry?  Typically, you will want this in HKLM.. it can also go in HKCU, and truthfully, I forget which one overrides the other.

The following Citrix KB article list the steps needs to deploy Citrix Receiver 3.3 via Group Policy, make sure you cover all steps listed:

the registry key is for Users


We are creating a value "ServerURLCopy"

And then input the URL for Web Interface

this is applied to each user login to the Citrix servers
Here's a suggestion..

You stated that you are specifying the URL value in HKCU\Software\Citrix\PNAgent, is it possible the Citrix receiver when lauched, is looking for the URL address in the following location instead.. HKCU\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\PNAgent
I couldnt find any such key on our systems.
Try to manually create recreate all settings in HKCU\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\PNAgent under HKCU\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\PNAgent

If that doesn't work try to the same process for HKLM
But none of the machines have this key.
What OS are they running?
win 7 x64 and win 2008 R2
No machine have these keys
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Thanks a lot , i will try to add the Wow6432Node

I never saw this key on any of our systems.
Lets see if creating the key helps.
You should not have to create the Wow6432Node resgistry key. This is present ONLY on 64-bit systems