Where can I find out HP End of Life and End of Service Dates for Proliant G5

Looking for End of Life and End of Service dates for HP Proliant G5 Servers DL380 G5 and ML370 G5
Have been unable to find this information anywhere
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HP haven't published EOL info for many years, but you can add 3 years warranty to the end of the end of sale date, but even that's short since they can still be sold from distribution old stock after that date. You can also buy remarketed servers backed by HP's 3 year warranty which are very old. As far as maintentance is concerned there will always be 3rd party maintainers who can support these two since so many were sold that eBay is now flooded with them, especially the DL380 G5.
David CarrCommented:
the ML 370 G5 is already EOL according to this list http://www.tech.proact.co.uk/hp/proliant_ml_servers_eol.html 

You can check this link http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/platforms/retired.html

Your best option may be to contact HP directly
MSSUKAuthor Commented:
Thanks, yes believe Proliant G5s went EOL at least 2 years ago but trying to find out date this happened and if they are still End of Service (i.e. do manufacturer  (HP) have a date when these will no longer be supported.
Cisco publish EOL and EOS dates but i have been unable to locate these for Proliants on HP's website
Jeff McNeeleyCommented:
I've had some good luck find thing answers on this site - https://www.parkplacetechnologies.com/end-of-service-life/hp/ & https://www.com-com.co.uk/maintenance/hp-end-of-life-eol-product-support-list.ihtml.  They seem to be the most updated
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