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How to delete ubuntu partition from windows 7 installation

I am trying to delete the ubuntu os on this dual boot pc.  Not sure if it's possible to just go into Disk Management and right click > delete on the linux partition.  There's a 7.99 GB right next to the 86 GB ubuntu partition and not sure if that's part of the linux os or not.  Ive looked at several sites that explain how to do this.  They're kind of confusing.  Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Mark88
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In disk management you should see the drive C type basic file system NTFS

If you have a recovery volume
it would be Layout Simple type basic file system blank  but the status would show you Healthy (Active, Recovery Partition)

All other volumes that are simple basic with no file system defined can be deleted
right click and delete volume
I have Ubuntu on a laptop and that is what my disk management shows.
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Ok.  Thank you.  Some of these sites I am studying say that the pc won't be bootable if I delete the ubuntu partitions.  Is that true?  If so, what should I do?
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Wow that is drastic.  Is that the only way to remove ubuntu completely.
Yes thats the only way to remove it by completely reformatting the drive.

This way you will be sure that nothing is left behind.
Is there a way to reinstall ubuntu over the existing ubuntu?
Yes just make sure you point it to the correct partition
So are these the steps?
1. Right click and delete partitions in Comp Mgmt
2. ok then what?  I think I need the steps.  Sorry.  First time with this.
If you want to install only windows 7

Just do a fresh install
delete all partitions
format dirve NTFS full format
Install windows 7.

No need to do that in disk management the install process give you the time to delete the partitions and format the drive.

Installing ubuntu is like the same process just but the cd in and bott from it.

If you are going to use ubuntu and windows 7 then install ubuntu first

Dual boot partitions are complicated setting up.

If you do not need ubuntu then just go with fresh instal of Windows 7
Ok.  I think I'll just reinstall ubuntu over the existing ubuntu.  I dont want to reinstall windows at this time.
Sounds good
But still not sure my steps to take with that and what happens
In your first post you claimed you wanted to remove the ubuntu partition is that correct?

Do you still want dual boot?
Oh.. yes, I do still want to dual boot.  My question is becoming clearer as I go here... So yes, just need to delete the current ubuntu or reinstall over - whatever youre supposed to do for a reinstall.
Ok so when I restart to the usb drive with the ubuntu iso on it, I can just choose the existing ubuntu partition and install over it?
Yes as long as you know which partition it is
So I put the usb drive in that has the ubuntu iso.  Rebooted to F12 boot menu and i have some confusing selections.  usb-fdd, usb-zip, usb-cdrom, usb-hdd.  Do you know which one is the thumb drive I just put in?  And how to make it start the install?
I would try usb-hdd first

If the usb drive has the ubunta install image then the install proces should start automatically when booted.
I created the cd and installed from that.  I will also try the usb drive I made.  Im getting i/o error/block on disk bad now, so I wonder if this hdd is bad.
I would say that your hard dirve is going bad

Sorry to say it might be time to get new drive and rebuild your OS