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Printing multiple copies of Crystal Report from C#, Visual Studio 2008

I am using this command to render a Crystal Report to a printer:

                        rpt2.PrintToPrinter(numlabels, true, 0, 0);

Though numlabels is set to 313 in my test cast, we are getting only one label to go to the printer.

numlabels is an Int32

Am I doing something wrong?

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Éric Moreau
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have you tried 10? also try False instead of True for the collated parameter
apparently, this parameter is not for labels, check
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do you mean numlabels = 10.  Yes, I've tried different numbers.  If you VS2010, I can't go there yet.  I have already tried Falsee for collate, but it didn't work.
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Mike McCracken

What printer?

What version of Crystal?

I should have made this clear.  This is not sheets of X number of labels per sheet, rather it is one label per sheet.  Therefore, it works just like any other report would.  However, I'm going to continue to read that article to see if I can pick up a tip on some other way to do it.

Thanks.  Do you have any other thoughts on this?  The best I can find on the web is "it should work".
mlmcc -- Zerbra printer (I'll try to get more details).  Crystal 2011.
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Mike McCracken

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