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Reporting on user's log in/out times in Active Directory without using the event log

Hello everyone, a department manager I work with is asking for a way to report on selected users for when they log in/out of the network (Active Directory) and the only way I know of is in the event logs and depending on what domain controller they authenticate on it's then logged into that event log on that server.  Does anyone know if Microsoft has a more efficent way to see this data or maybe a 3rd party product for this?

Thank you everyone.
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You could create a simple logon/logoff script, example below

event logs like you said can track it but consolidating and searching them can be a pain depending on how many DCs you have.


I forgot to mention in case it's not obvious; my code is in vbscript (.vbs).
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Thank you so much! I'm going to try this out now, I've never used a logoff script but will figure that out in AD.  I'll come back soon and accept the solution!  ;)
Thank you "mcsween"!  I have a .vbs script I use for mapping sharepoint to a network drive and will test your solution out.  J
You can do logon and logoff scripts from Group Policy.

User Configuration, Windows Settings, Scripts (Logon/Logoff)
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You have two ways to do this without event log.

First, you can use this link to audit the login/logout activity of the users.

Moreover, in case you dont want to use the logs then you can use third party tool for AD auditing but these tools are not free.
FANTASTIC, thank you so much and sorry for getting back to you so late.  I just recently implemented.