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I have a value I am retrieving from a database.  I am assigning the value to a text box on my form.  The field in the database is a money value.  I want the below result.

Database Value     Result Value
0.000000                0.00

I have tried the following

string s = string.Format("{0:c}", rdr["myValue"].ToString());
this.myTextBox.text = s;


string s = string.Format("{0:#,0.00}", rdr["myValue"].ToString());
this.myTextBox.text = s;

But neither works.

Any ideas?
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what do you get? what is the value of s?

you can also try string.Format("{0:C}", rdr["myValue"].ToString());
are you just getting 0?
String.Format("{0:.##}", rdr["myValue"].ToString());
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@p_davis - I'm getting "0.0000" as a result for
string s = string.Format("{0:c}", rdr["myValue"].ToString());

I tried string s = string.Format("{0:C}", rdr["myValue"].ToString());
and still getting "0.0000"
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You cannot call ToString and use a numeric format at the same time. Cast the thing returned from the database to a numeric type; then apply the format.


string s = string.Format("{0:c}", (double)rdr["myValue"]);

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Thanks kaufmed!

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