Cisco RV042G  Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router - Block LogMeIn

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I am currently running a Cisco RV042G Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router.  It is configured for client vpn access.  There are no NAT's or other ports open to allow outside traffic in.

Even though my employees are not supposed to run LogMeIn they are anyway.  Is there a way to block it using the Cisco RV042G router?
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AkinsdNetwork Administrator

You may not be able to block the port logMeIb uses as it may affect other RDP based applications.

However, you can block the application with Group Policy Settings if all the workstations are in a domain environment. You would generate the hash for the application and block it using the hash


Group policy is not an option.  There are no domain controllers and the majority of the users are on mac
You could try  Firewall/Block Forbidden domains/
and block .

When your employees use logmein to connect to their machines at home, they are not connecting directly; they are relaying through logmein's servers.  Blocking the domain might prevent this.
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I tried the forbidden domain setting.  It appears to block the logmein website requests for people inside the corporate network attempting to make an outbound connection.

What i want to block is someone from outside of our network trying to use logmein to gain access.  Is there a way to block inbound connections?
In order for someone to make an inbound connection to logmein, the logmein app running inside your network must first make an outbound connection.  Did you actually try it, to see if it effectively blocks  use of logmein to connect to systems inside your network?


I just installed logmein and it worked.  Thanks

One more question.  Some of my users have been using logmein hamachi.  Will hamachi also be blocked when i block * or do i need to block an additional domain?
That won't block Hamachi, unfortunately; it's pretty robust.  I've seen a lot of suggestions on various sites for how to block Hamachi using a router, but as far as I know none of them work (though they may have at one time.)

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