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Using Microsoft Access to Create Paradox tables

I've been given a bunch of spreadsheets to update about 10-12 tables used by a Delphi 2007 program.  I had imported these into Microsoft Access and then exported them in Paradox (7) format in hopes that I could just replace the tables being used by doing a copy file, but it seems that there is also a .PX file (indexes I'm assuming).

How does one get that rebuilt over the new data?  This app was originally created in Delphi 4 and then change to work under Delphi 2007 and will be phased out (hopefully in a couple of years) and it's one I've inherited so I'm not much of a Delphi programmer.  I've done so "c" coding so I can do minor maintenance but not a design from scratch.
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Normally indexes should be created automatically. Make a copy of all files and delete index files. Start program and check results.
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Sorry that didn't work, it just came back saying it was missing the index file.
can you see the data in the access database ?
The Paradox ODBC drivers in Access are old, so I'm not surprised this isn't working as expected.

One of the things you will want to do with your Delphi code (as part of the D4->D2007 migration) is to replace BDE usage with dbExpress as your data engine.  Since your data currently resides in Access, you might be able to use an ODBC driver to get to it.  You do have RDBMS alternatives to Access and some of them might result in an easier code conversion.
why 2 conversions ? why would you want to load in access first ?

and what with the delphi code in the forms ?
there is no mention of what has to happen with that.
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