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Dell Dimension E310 - System halted!

Hello Everyone,

I need some help with a computer desktop Dell Dimension E310.

Alert! Chipset heat sink not detected.
System halted!

I have seen this before and take care of this by soldering the joint of the heat sink,
But on this model I have no idea in what area of the board is the metal wire that got
damage, broken, or lose, any suggestion will be very appreciate. thanks in advance.
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Possible - see and look at the heatsink with the fins and the bent wire that holds it down.

That wire may be the circuit that is broken or come loose from the loops they sit in.
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The wire loop looks okay on this board, take at look at this image:
User generated image
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dbrunton, yeah, I did that, this time the previous alert is gone,
Now I have only the alert conserning the fan failure:

Alert! Previous fan failure.
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility
Do you know is there is a way to get rid of the "Alert! Previous fan failure." ?
The fan works, I can see it working, but some how I still get this alert only.
Okay, the "Alert! Previous fan failure." is also gone too,
Now I am only dealing with the "Remove disk or other media" message.
dbrunton, do you know the BIOS confiduration for this Dell Dimension?
The default one is: NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock, and so on. this Dell on
the tower is Dimension E310, but on the board point to Dell System DV051.
F2 gets you into the BIOS - is this what you want?

If you are getting different warning messages each time then the fault is elsewhere.

It is possible that this is a memory problem or something else.  For starters, I'd remove all memory chips and wipe with a lint free cloth or paper towel.  Blow out memory slots and insert one RAM chip only into memory slot and see if it will start like that.
No, some times when the BIOS gets screw up and when you boot the system you
get so many boot errors like no boot device was detected, drive a failure, and so on,
to get rid of all of that I reset the BIOS and to do that I always configure the BIOS.

But I already got rid of few error messages, now I am only delaing with few
The DV051 is the right board for the Dimension E310.
I am stuck right now, I can't by past this part:

Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility

Selected boot device not available -
 stroke F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility.

Here is the thing, I placed a Windows CD on the tray, because if I don't I get an error.
Okay this is the error I am getting now:

CDBOOT: Memory overflow error

Remove disk or other media.
Press any key to restart
Does the BIOS see the hard disk?
Yes it does:
User generated image
I presume if you have the Windows CD in you get this message:

Selected boot device not available -
stroke F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility.

Can you confirm that?


And what happens if you try to boot with the CDROM drive disconnected?
Thats exactly what I said that I was having in question ID: 38725761
And as for your question:
"And what happens if you try to boot with the CDROM drive disconnected?"
This got my atention and checked the drive, I changed the CD/DVD drive and voila!
I finally got it to boot, I also re-set the BIOS config and everything is now working,
So I am loading Windows XP now, I hope everything ends well, thank you for your help.