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Here's the deal.  I have an Android Razr Maxx with unlimited data access (grandfathered in).  I use the "hot spot" feature to broadcast the internet 4g signal from my droid to my wireless computers.  Our house is very large and when we get too far away from the droid we can't connect.  I have a Linksys wrt54g router with dd-wrt on it.  I have read for many hours online as well as videos but to no avail.  I want to make the linksys router a repeater of the android signal so that the further we are from the android we can still get the internet reception.

Any ideas?
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What version of the dd-wrt firmware are you using?

When you you put the wireless in "Repeater Bridge" or "Repeater" mode do you not see the SSID from the Razr listed, or is it listed but unable to connect?

If it's connected did you add a virtual interface with a different SSID?

You don't say what the problem so i'm just trying to get more info. DD-WRT own wiki does tell you what you need to do. I've followed it a few times to do this. &


wrg54g v8;  DD-WRT v24-sp2 (01/16/10) micro build 13637

Where I am placing the router, I can connect my dvd player & Directv to the lan ports also.  The problem is - the router doesn't seem to be connecting to the droid.
Ok. I just want to make sure I fully understand what you trying to do so I don't give you the steps.

What you want to is not a wireless repeater, but use the wireless as your WAN connection for the wired lan?

Is that correct?
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Yes that is correct and if I'm understanding what this will do is this:  Droid internet goes to linksys router (wirelessly) and linksys router then broadcasts internet in lan ports that the directv and dvd player are connected to.  Also if possible would like to use the wireless signal from the linksys (assuming now it's picking up the droid internet) to broadcast to other wireless computers (if possible because the linksys has a stronger signal that the droid does).

What your wanting is called "Client Mode" If you follow this article ( It will walk you through getting your linksys to connect and use the wireless connection as your WAN connection.

Next you can make a Virtual Interface in "AP" mode to allow other devices to connect to the linksys. Though the SSID for the real interface and the virtual interface must be different. Otherwise it just creates a big mess.


Are there detailed instructions for the "virtual interface" setup as well?  Forgive me, but networking is a bit for me to understand.
I can't seem to pull a simple one up in there wiki. Most of them are covering more complex setups. But it's really not hard:

In Wireless -> Basic Settings
look for the section "Virtual Interfaces".
Click the Add button under that section.
Set the Wireless Mode to AP
Give it a SSID (different from the the physical interface)
Set if you want the SSID broadcasted
Set your protection mode and give it a password.
Click save.

If you can make through to this point and the "Client Mode" and are still having problem. I will probably need to a screen shot of the Wireless -> Basic Settings page so I can see what all you have set. Then i can compare it to my DD-WRT.


When at the Wireless> basic settings there isn't any option to add - here is what i see.

Also - my lan ports are working so the first big step is done - ya!! just need this last part.
Odd. Though can you telnet into the router and run this command:
nvram get wl0_corerev

I'm just wondering if the chip in the wrt54g is not compatible with multiple SSID's
or is it the micro version that does not support virtual interfaces?
That's is also a pretty big possibility since that micro version is a beta version.
Something I just saw on the  peacockthread:

EKO has stated this:

NEWD won't work only on corerev=4 radios. You can run it on 5 and 7, just virtual wireless interfaces won't work in AP mode. All the rest work.


So does that mean it won't work with my router or ?
Most probaby it won't wok if you have flashed a NEWD version . You can try flashing another version and see.
BTW , did you run the command given by Pyromanci ?

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